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Justin Bieber, 27 Canadian singer
Katy Perry, 36 Singer-songwriter Businesswoman Philanthropist and Actress
Taylor Swift, 31 Singer and songwriter
Rihanna, 33 Singer songwriter
Ice-T, 63 American musician and actor
Lady Gaga, 35 American pop singer
Selena Gomez, 29 Actress singer
Ariana Grande, 28 Actress singer and dancer
Shakira, 44 Colombian singer
Demi Lovato, 29 Musician actress
Niall Horan, 28 Actor
Harry Styles, 27 British singer
Kendall Jenner, 25 Teen Model
Neil Patrick Harris, 48 Actor
Kourtney Kardashian, 42 Celebutante socialite model businesswoman and television personality
Donald Trump, 75 45th president of the U.S. Businessman television personality
Kylie Jenner, 24 reality television personality and model
Avril Lavigne, 37 Canadian singer
Eminem, 49 Hip Hop rapper
Nicki Minaj, 38 Trinidad and Tobago musician
Ed Sheeran, 30 English singer/songwriter
Agnez Mo, 35 Indonesian singer and actress
Ryan Seacrest, 46 Television and radio host; television producer
Ivete Sangalo, 49 Brazilian singer
Jim Carrey, 59 Canadian-American actor
Danilo Gentili, 42 Brazilian comedian
Paris Hilton, 40 American celebrity
Tyra Banks, 47 American model talk show host and actress
Zac Efron, 34 American actor
Tom Hanks, 65 Actor
Seth MacFarlane, 47 Television producer
Simon Cowell, 62 British artist executive
Stephen Fry, 64 British comedian
Russell Brand, 46 English comedian and actor
Ludacris, 44 Rapper actor
Enrique Iglesias, 46 Singer songwriter recording artist
Paulina Rubio, 50 Mexican singer actress dance musician
Luna Maya, 38 Indonesian actor
Dwayne Johnson, 49 Professional wrestler film actor
Rafinha Bastos, 44 Brazilian actor
Sabrina Sato, 40 Brazilian television personality
Aziz Ansari, 38 Actor Comedian Writer Producer
Nick Jonas, 29 Vocalist Musician Actor Singer-songwriter
Tatá Werneck, 38 Brazilian actress
Victoria Justice, 28 Actress
Mindy Kaling, 42 Actress Writer Comedian
Marco Luque, 47 Brazilian actor
Thalía, 50 Mexican singer-actor