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Shakira, 44 Colombian singer
Calvin Harris, 37 Scottish singer-songwriter and DJ
Enrique Iglesias, 46 Singer songwriter recording artist
Jamel Debbouze, 45 French actor
Jennette McCurdy, 28 Actress singer songwriter writer
Ben Stiller, 55 Actor Comedian Director Writer
Steve Carell, 58 American actor
Jared Leto, 49 American actor and musician
James Maslow, 30 American actor and singer
Ben Affleck, 48 American Actor
Moria Casán, 74 Argentine actor
Tina Kandelaki, 45 Russian television personality
Josh Peck, 34 Actor
Alfonso Herrera, 37 Mexican actor and singer
Brenda Asnicar, 29 actress singer model
RuPaul, 60 African American actor musician drag queen
Goldie Hawn, 75 American actress
Edgar Wright, 47 English film and television director
Dmitry Malikov, 51 Russian singer
Madeon, 26 Music producer
Trent Reznor, 56 Musician
Angela Bassett, 62 American actor
Junichi Masuda, 53 Japanese composer and videogame programmer
Lucy Liu, 52 American actress
Dolph Lundgren, 63 Swedish actor
Angelina Jolie, 45 American film actress
Jan Josef Liefers, 56 German actor
David Nutter, 61 American film director
Bono, 61 Irish singer songwriter
Devin Townsend, 49 Canadian metal musician and producer
Kara DioGuardi, 50 American musician
Sergio Mayer, 54 Mexican actor
Rowan Atkinson, 66 Comedian actor writer
Breckin Meyer, 47 American actor
Virginia Madsen, 59 American actress
Peter Joseph, 42 filmmaker and social activist
Toshio Okada, 62 Japanese anime producer
Edward Burns, 53 American actor and director
Marlo Thomas, 83 Actress
Danielle Harris, 43 Actress film director
Simon Ostrovsky, 40 Soviet-born American journalist
Jackson Browne, 72 US musician
Andy Serkis, 57 British actor
Luke Goss, 52 British actor and singer
John Lurie, 68 Actor musician painter producer
Ed Begley, Jr., 71 American actor and environmentalist
Jaclyn Smith, 75 Actress businesswoman
Michael Seater, 34 Canadian actor