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Jared Leto, 49 American actor and musician
Catherine Fulop, 56 Venezuelan actor
Jussie Smollett, 38 American actor
Dmitry Medvedev, 55 Politician businessman lawyer
Nev Schulman, 36 Actor and producer
Darryn Lyons, 55 Celebrity entrepreneur papparazzo
Atul Kasbekar, 56 Fashion photographer
Mia Farrow, 76 Actress singer
Dieter Nuhr, 60 German comedian
Brandon Stanton, 37 American photographer
Garance Doré, 46 French artist and writer
Shannon Leto, 51 American musician
Boy George, 60 English musician
Patrick J. Adams, 39 Actor
Diane Keaton, 75 Actress
Chase Jarvis, 50 American photographer
Terry Richardson, 55 American photographer
Kenny Hotz, 54 Canadian actor
Tim Gunn, 68 American actor and fashion consultant
Josh Gates, 43 American explorer and television host
Pete Souza, 67 American photographer
David Fonseca, 48 Portuguese singer
Jelena Jensen, 39 American glamour model
Vadhir Derbez, 30 Mexican actor
Howard Stern, 67 Radio personality
Mario Testino, 66 Peruvian fashion photographer
Gary Arndt, 52 American photographer
Yoshitomo Nara, 62 Japanese artist
Guido Karp, 58 German photographer
Wilfrid Esteve, 53 French photographer
Nick Knight, 62 English cricketer
Jay Manuel, 48 Canadian make-up artist
Lisa Bettany, 39 Photographer blogger app developer
Vincent Laforet, 46 Director Photographer
Rolando Gomez, 59 American photographer
Tyler Shields, 39 American photographer
Hitonari Tsuji, 61 Japanese actor
Tommy Ton, 37 Photographer
Olivia Bee, 27 Photographer
Krisztián Éder, 32 Hungarian singer
Fadil Berisha, 48 Fashion photographer
Rohan Shrestha, 36 Indian photographer
Yvan Rodic, 44 A world travelling photographer of cultural and fashion events
Miyuki Matsuda, 59 Japanese actor
Louise Lawler, 74 American photographer
Kazuaki Kiriya, 53 Japanese photographer
Trey Ratcliff, 50 Photographer
Russell James, 59 Australian photographer