Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor Winners 88 years old

People with Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor


Name Title
Adolph Caesar American actor
Akim Tamiroff Actor
Al Pacino American actor
Alan Alda Actor and United States Army officer
Alan Arkin actor
Albert Bassermann German actor
Albert Brooks Actor voice actor writer comedian and director
Albert Finney actor
Alec Baldwin American actor
Alec Guinness English actor
Anthony Hopkins Actor
Anthony Quinn Actor
Armin Mueller-Stahl German film actor and director
Arthur Kennedy Actor
Arthur O'Connell American actor; acting on stage film and television; Oscar nominee
Barkhad Abdi Somali-American actor film director producer
Ben Johnson Actor
Ben Kingsley Actor
Benicio del Toro Actor
Billy Bob Thornton Actor screenwriter director musician (Vocals/Drums)
Birdman Rapper
Bobby Darin American singer and actir
Brad Dourif Character actor
Brad Pitt American actor
Bradley Cooper Actor
Brandon deWilde Actor
Brian Aherne Actor
Brian Donlevy Actor
Bruce Davison American actor
Bruce Dern American actor
Burgess Meredith American film and television actor
Burl Ives American actor-musician
Burt Reynolds Player of American football
Burt Young American actor
Casey Affleck Actor
Cecil Kellaway Actor
Charles Bickford Actor
Charles Coburn Actor
Charles Durning American actor
Chazz Palminteri Actor writer
Chief Dan George Chief of the Tsleil-Waututh Nation
Chill Wills Actor
Chris Cooper Actor
Chris Cooper (American football) Player of American football
Chris Sarandon Actor
Christian Bale English actor
Christopher Plummer Canadian actor
Christopher Walken Actor
Claude Rains English-born actor
Clifton Webb Actor singer dancer

Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor (88 years)

  • Inception: Wednesday, January 01, 1936