I Am Chris Farley 8 years old

I Am Chris Farley

I am Chris Farley tells his hilarious, touching and wildly entertaining story - from his early days in Madison, Wisconsin, to his time at Second City and Saturday Night Live, then finally his film career (which included hits like Tommy Boy and Black Sheep). The film showcases his most memorable characters and skits from film and television and also includes interviews and insights from his co-stars, family and friends - including the likes of Christina Applegate, Dan Aykroyd, Mike Myers, Bob Odenkirk, Bob Saget and Adam Sandler.


I Am Chris Farley Cast

Name Character
Dan Aykroyd He was 63, now 71 years old as Himself
Bob Saget He was 59, now 68 years old as Himself
Bo Derek She was 58, now 67 years old as Herself
Mike Myers He was 52, now 60 years old as Himself
Bob Odenkirk He was 52, now 61 years old as Himself
Adam Sandler He was 48, now 57 years old as Himself
Jay Mohr He was 44, 37 years old when he died as Himself
Jon Lovitz He was 58, now 66 years old as Himself
Pat Finn He was 59, now 67 years old as Himself
Will Sasso He was 40, now 48 years old as Himself
Christina Applegate She was 43, now 52 years old as Herself
Molly Shannon She was 50, now 59 years old as Herself
Lorri Bagley She was 41, now 50 years old as Herself
Fred Wolf He was 82, now 91 years old as Himself
David Spade He was 51, now 59 years old as Himself
Chris Farley He was 51, 33 years old when he died as Himself (archive footage)
Lorne Michaels He was 70, now 79 years old as Himself
Kevin Farley He was 50, now 58 years old as Himself
John Farley He was 46, now 55 years old as Himself
Tom Arnold (actor) He was 56, now 65 years old as Himself

I Am Chris Farley Crew

Name Department
Paul Gertz as Executive Producer. Production
Kevin Farley as Executive Producer. He was 50 (now 58) years old Production
Derik Murray as Art Direction. Art
Derik Murray as Director. Directing
Derik Murray as Producer. Production
Derik Murray as Executive Producer. Production
Shaun Lawless as Director of Photography. Camera
Tim Gamble as Executive Producer. Production
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I Am Chris Farley (8 years)

  • Release day: Monday, July 27, 2015
  • Runtime: 95 minutes