USC School of Cinematic Arts

People from USC School of Cinematic Arts


Name Title
Richard Hatem American screenwriter and producer
Norberto Barba American television director
Robert Zemeckis American film director
Conrad Hall American Cinematographer
Kelley Baker American film director
James Haven American film actor and producer
Charlie Pecoraro American actor
Kevin Feige American film producer
Robert Yeoman American cinematographer
John Milius American screenwriter film director
John Singleton Film director
Sasha Alexander Actress
David Anspaugh American television and film director
David S. Ward American film director
Scott Derrickson American Screenwriter And Film Director
George Lucas American filmmaker
Felipe Marino American film producer
Miranda Cosgrove American actress
Dana Fox Screenwriter
Jon Poll American film director editor and producer
Sean Covel American film producer
Walter Murch Sound engineer film editor
Caleb Deschanel American cinematographer/director
Chris Hebert American actor
Carlos A. Rivera Argentine art dealer
Brian Wayne Peterson American television producer and screenwriter
Brian Grazer American businessman
Ace Norton American director
Kent Masters King Actress
Bobby Florsheim
Judd Apatow American film director writer producer actor
Jon Chu Director
Kyle Moon Pop Singer
Video Game Pianist American muscian
Mark Z. Danielewski Novelist
Alec Lorimore American film priducer and screenwriter
Bryan J R&B Singer
Alexander Graves American politician
Nathan Ruegger American screenwriter and voice actor
Walter Moreira Salles Brazilian banker
Bob Willoughby American photographer
Ransom Riggs Young Adult Author
Danny Peary American sportswriter and film critic
Ben Sainsbury Journalist
Polly Cohen Johnsen Movie executive and producer
Sarah Gilman TV Actress
Robert Girardi Novelist
Richard Kassebaum filmmaker
Jerome Vered American writer
Tim Chey American film director

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