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Ice-T, 63 American musician and actor
Demi Lovato, 29 Musician actress
Kaká, 39 Brazilian footballer
Donald Trump, 75 45th president of the U.S. Businessman television personality
Eminem, 49 Hip Hop rapper
Mohamad al-Arefe, 51 Saudi Islamist theologian
Paris Hilton, 40 American celebrity
Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, 67 President of Turkey
Tom Hanks, 65 Actor
Seth MacFarlane, 47 Television producer
Simon Cowell, 62 British artist executive
Stephen Fry, 64 British comedian
J. K. Rowling, 56 English author of the Harry Potter series
PewDiePie, 31 Internet personality
Eugenio Derbez, 60 Mexican actor director
Thalía, 50 Mexican singer-actor
Mario Teguh, 65 Indonesian writer
Bella Thorne, 24 American actress singer
Perez Hilton, 43 American actor
Simon Pegg, 51 English actor comedian writer film producer and director
Trevor Noah, 37 South African actor
Tiger Woods, 45 Professional golfer
Cüneyt Özdemir, 51 Turkish writer
Ben Stiller, 55 Actor Comedian Director Writer
John Cleese, 81 English comedian
Bernie Sanders, 80 American politician
Jonah Hill, 37 Actor film producer screenwriter comedian
Weird Al Yankovic, 61 American musician satirist parodist accordionist and television producer
Michael Moore, 67 American film director author and social commentator
Gisele Bündchen, 41 Brazilian supermodel
Shreya Ghoshal, 37 Indian singer
Rainn Wilson, 55 Actor
Michael Wilbon, 62 American sportswriter
Can Dündar, 60 Journalist
Joyce Meyer, 78 Novelist
Jerry Seinfeld, 67 American comedian
Mehmet Oz, 61 American medical doctor
Patton Oswalt, 52 Stand-up comedian
Ivanka Trump, 39 American businesswoman socialite and fashion model
Joel McHale, 49 American actor
Alex Morgan, 32 Soccer player
Vir Sanghvi, 65 Indian writer
Farah Khan, 56 Indian film director
Giuliana Rancic, 47 Italian-American journalist television personality and infotainer
Denise Dresser, 58 Mexican political analyst
Shane Dawson, 33 American Internet personality
Pedro Bial, 63 Brazilian television presenter
Pattie Mallette, 45 Author film producer