Starship Troopers 24 years old

The only good bug is a dead bug.

Starship Troopers

Set in the future, the story follows a young soldier named Johnny Rico and his exploits in the Mobile Infantry. Rico's military career progresses from recruit to non-commissioned officer and finally to officer against the backdrop of an interstellar war between mankind and an arachnoid species known as "the Bugs".


Starship Troopers Cast

Name Character
Amy Smart She was 21, now 46 years old as Cadet Lumbreiser
Dean Norris He was 34, now 59 years old as Commanding Officer
Neil Patrick Harris He was 24, now 48 years old as Colonel Carl Jenkins
Casper Van Dien He was 28, now 53 years old as Johnny Rico
Clancy Brown He was 38, now 63 years old as Career Sergeant Zim
Tami-Adrian George She was 47, now 72 years old as Djana'D
Marshall Bell He was 55, now 79 years old as General Owen
Seth Gilliam He was 29, now 53 years old as Private Sugar Watkins
Blake Lindsley She was 23, now 48 years old as Katrina McIntire
Julianna McCarthy She was 68, now 92 years old as Expert
Denise Richards She was 26, now 51 years old as Carmen Ibañez
Michael Ironside He was 47, now 72 years old as Lieutenant Jean Rasczak
Timothy Omundson He was 28, now 52 years old as Psychic
Patrick Muldoon He was 29, now 53 years old as Zander Barcalow
Denise Dowse She was 39, now 64 years old as Sky Marshal Tehat Meru
Jake Busey He was 26, now 50 years old as Private Ace Levy
Dina Meyer She was 28, now 53 years old as Dizzy Flores
Steven Ford He was 41, now 66 years old as Lieutenant Willy
Greg Travis He was 39, now 63 years old as Net Correspondent
Edward Neumeier He was 40, now 65 years old as Defendant (uncredited)
Lenore Kasdorf She was 49, now 73 years old as Mrs. Rico
Bruce Gray He was 61, 81 years old when he died as Sky Marshal Dienes
Eric DaRe He was 32, now 57 years old as Medic
Brenda Strong She was 37, now 62 years old as Captain Deladier
Christopher Curry He was 51, now 76 years old as Mr. Rico
Anthony Ruivivar He was 27, now 51 years old as Shujimi
Dale Dye He was 53, now 77 years old as General
Mara Duronslet as Communications Officer
Eric Bruskotter He was 31, now 56 years old as Breckinridge
Kai Lennox as Male Trooper
Timothy McNeil He was 39, now 64 years old as Expert
Rue McClanahan She was 63, 76 years old when she died as Biology Teacher
Stephanie Erb She was 34, now 58 years old as Young Mother
Ungela Brockman She was 27, now 52 years old as Corporal Birdie
John Cunningham He was 65, now 89 years old as Fed Net Announcer (voice)
Matt Levin He was 22, now 47 years old as Kitten Smith
Brad Caleb Kane He was 24, now 48 years old as Lanny

Starship Troopers Crew

Name Department
Harry Cohen as Sound Designer. He was 47 (now 72) years old Sound
Gregory Manson as Production Supervisor. Production
Robert Gould as Set Decoration. He was 57 (now 82) years old Art
Robert A. Heinlein as Novel. He was 90 (80) years old when He died Writing
Frances Doel as Co-Producer. Production
Alan Marshall as Producer. He was 59 (now 83) years old Production
Caroline Ross as Editor. Editing
Elaine J. Huzzar as Casting. Production
Allan Cameron as Production Design. He was 80 (94) years old when He died Art
Bruce Robert Hill as Art Direction. He was 35 (now 59) years old Art
Steven Wolff as Art Direction. Art
Robert Fechtman as Assistant Art Director. Art
Dean Beville as Sound Effects Editor. Sound
Robert Latham Brown as Production Manager. He was 50 (now 74) years old Production
Michael Dennison as Key Costumer. He was 45 (58) years old when He died Costume & Make-Up
Stephen St. John as Steadicam Operator. He was 262 (50) years old when He died Camera
Greg P. Russell as Sound Re-Recording Mixer. He was 2 (now 22) years old Sound
Chad Hammes as CG Supervisor. Crew
A.J. Raitano as Assistant Camera. Camera
Daren Hicks as Production Office Coordinator. Production
Mark Fiorenza as Modeling. Visual Effects
Mykel Denis as Modeling. Visual Effects
Jamie Marshall as Second Assistant Director. Directing
David Presley as Video Assist Operator. He was 27 (now 52) years old Crew
Chris Haynes as Driver. He was 52 (now 76) years old Crew
Richard Kuhn as Key Grip. He was 121 (66) years old when He died Camera
Mark Goldblatt as Editor. He was 2 (now 22) years old Editing
Dale Dye as Technical Advisor. He was 53 (now 77) years old Crew
Johanna Ray as Casting. Production
Jost Vacano as Director of Photography. He was 63 (now 88) years old Camera
Ellen Mirojnick as Costume Design. She was 48 (now 72) years old Costume & Make-Up
Gregg Olsson as Modeling. Visual Effects
Joey Box as Stunts. He was 32 (now 57) years old Crew
Jim Palmer as Stunts. He was 52 (now 76) years old Crew
Paul Verhoeven as Director. He was 59 (36) years old when He died Directing
Laura Albert as Stunts. She was 32 (now 56) years old Crew
Erik Stabenau as Stunts. Crew
Eric Colvin as Musician. Sound
Johnny Martin as Stunts. He was 66 (60) years old when He died Crew
Van Ling as Visual Effects Supervisor. Visual Effects
Jesse V. Johnson as Stunts. He was 25 (now 50) years old Crew
Randy Thom as Sound Designer. He was 2 (now 22) years old Sound
Steven Schwartz as Set Designer. Art
Michael Palmieri as Data Wrangler. Camera
Felipe Savahge as Stunts. Crew
Jim Chesney as Transportation Captain. Crew
Layne Friedman as Compositing Lead. Visual Effects
David P. Barton as Animatronics Designer. Crew
Hal Miles as Rotoscoping Artist. Visual Effects
Charleen Richards as ADR Mixer. Sound
Gilbert Rosales as Stunts. Crew
Terri Douglas as ADR Voice Casting. Production
Nerses Gezalyan as Foley Mixer. Sound
Jeffrey Wilhoit as Foley Artist. Sound
Stephen Hunter Flick as Sound Designer. He was 48 (now 72) years old Sound
Charles Maynes as Sound Effects Editor. Sound
Don Bies as Modeling. He was 59 (now 84) years old Visual Effects
Raman Rao as Gaffer. Lighting
Shaun Smith as Project Manager. He was 26 (now 51) years old Editing
Donna Evans as Stunts. Crew
Garrett Warren as Stunts. Crew
Greg Derochie as Digital Compositor. Visual Effects
Fon Davis as Modeling. Visual Effects
Adam Valdez as Lead Animator. He was 2 (now 22) years old Visual Effects
Hugo Weng as Dialogue Editor. Editing
Greig McRitchie as Orchestrator. He was 83 (83) years old when He died Sound
Ken Kokka as Visual Effects Coordinator. Visual Effects
Ian Slater as First Assistant Editor. Editing
Gary A. Hecker as Foley Artist. He was 37 (now 61) years old Sound
Mike Kaufman as Projection. Crew
Lydia Bottegoni as Production Manager. Production
Joe Grisaffi as Extras Casting Assistant. Production
Starship Troopers poster
Starship Troopers (24 years)

The only good bug is a dead bug.

  • Release day: Friday, November 07, 1997
  • Runtime: 129 minutes
  • Budget: 105000000.00
  • Revenue: 121214377.00