Blast 24 years old

Four high school friends believe the local myth that developer Swenson killed a kid for trespassing years earlier and got away with it. When one of the four friends disappears, the remaining three believe Swenson killed their friend and they take revenge. When their friend then shows up alive they must deal with the consequences of crossing the harsh line that separates fantasy from reality.


Blast Cast

Name Character
Ed Lauter He was 61, 74 years old when he died as Swenson
Tony Denman He was 20, now 44 years old as Corn
Blake Heron He was 18, 35 years old when he died as Jonesy
Liesel Matthews She was 16, now 40 years old as Jessie 'Ears'
Denis Arndt He was 61, now 85 years old as Sheriff
Adam LaVorgna He was 19, now 43 years old as Shnetz
P. J. Soles She was 49, now 73 years old as Stellvertreter

Blast Crew

Name Department
Martin Schenk as Director. He was 140 (59) years old when He died Directing
Martin Schenk as Script. He was 140 (59) years old when He died Crew
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Blast (24 years)

  • Release day: Friday, April 07, 2000
  • Runtime: 88 minutes