Asteroid 25 years old

The End Of The World Is Just Beginning.


With the discovery of an incoming asteroid, the government of America formulate a plan to destroy it. When the plan fails, all the world can do is wait. The main impact zone is revealed to be Dallas, Texas. Generally, the plot follows the lives and reactions of several characters: an astronomer, her father, her son, two firefighters from Kansas, two young doctors in Dallas and the heads of the government agency in charge of the situation.


Asteroid Cast

Name Character
Michael Biehn He was 40, now 65 years old as FEMA Director Jack Wallach
Don Franklin He was 36, now 61 years old as Ben Dodd
Annabella Sciorra She was 36, now 62 years old as Dr. Lily McKee
Frank McRae He was 52, now 78 years old as Lloyd Morgan
Anthony Zerbe He was 60, now 86 years old as Dr. Charles Napier
Jensen Daggett She was 27, now 53 years old as Dr. Valerie Brennan
Denis Arndt He was 57, now 83 years old as President
Michael Weatherly He was 28, now 53 years old as Dr. Matthew Rogers
Michael Flynn He was 38, now 63 years old as Kansas City Fire Chief
Jon Cedar He was 66, 80 years old when he died as General Smith
Carlos Gómez He was 35, 47 years old when he died as Adam Marquez
Anne-Marie Johnson She was 36, now 61 years old as Karen Dodd
Zachary Charles as Elliot McKee
Christopher Murphy He was 49, now 75 years old as A.J.

Asteroid Crew

Name Department
Mary V. Buck as Casting. Production
Thomas Del Ruth as Director of Photography. He was 54 (now 80) years old Camera
Russell J. Smith as Art Direction. He was 25 (now 50) years old Art
Shirley Walker as Original Music Composer. She was 51 (61) years old when She died Sound
David Hennings as Director of Photography. He was 40 (now 65) years old Camera
Scott Sturgeon as Writer. Writing
Bradford May as Director. He was 45 (now 70) years old Directing
Christopher Morgan as Producer. He was 54 (65) years old when He died Production
Susan Edelman as Casting. Production
Gary Jensen as Stunt Coordinator. Crew
Richard B. Lewis as Production Design. He was 44 (now 69) years old Art
Merrill H. Karpf as Executive Producer. Production
Robbyn Burger as Writer. Writing
Asteroid poster
Asteroid (25 years)

The End Of The World Is Just Beginning.

  • Release day: Sunday, February 16, 1997
  • Runtime: 120 minutes
  • Budget: 20000000.00