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Jumbo, 24 YouTube Star
Violet Brown, 117 Supercentenarian
Arjun Kapoor, 94 Actor
John Taylor, 32 Actor
Brett Somers, 83 Canadian actor
Johnny Ramone, 55 American musician
Harry Dean Stanton, 91 Actor
Colin McRae, 39 World Rally Championship driver
Isambard Kingdom Brunel, 53 English engineer
ErikDMC, 33 YouTube Star
Frances Bay, 92 Actress
Rick Wright, 65 Rock Singer
Bill Evans, 51 American Jazz Pianist
Rafael Méndez, 75 Mexican musician
Cootie Williams, 74 American jazz jump blues and rhythm and blues trumpeter
Roberto Leal, 67 Portuguese singer
Víctor Jara, 40 Chilean actor-politician
Joseph Plateau, 81 physicist
Albert Moses, 79 British actor
Rose Mo, 94 Instagram Star
Phyllis Newman, 86 American actor
Thomas Wolfe, 37 American writer
Mike Stefanik, 61 American racing driver
Rose Perica Mofford, 94 Politician
Sayed Darwish, 31 Egyptian musician
Smoky Burgess, 64 American baseball player
Johnny Hartman, 60 American singer
Sidney Luft, 89 Film producer
Robert Penn Warren, 84 American poet and novelist
John Hoyt, 85 American actor
William H. Crawford, 62 Politician
Alfred Blalock, 65 American surgeon
Michael Klinger, 9 Australian cricketer
Anton Webern, 61 Austrian composer and conductor
Linnie Marsh Wolfe, 64 American librarian
John Hanning Speke, 37 British explorer and military personnel
Maria Branwell, 38 Essayist
Reynold B. Johnson, 92 American inventor and computer pioneer
Gunnar Nordahl, 73 Swedish footballer and manager
James Anthony Murphy, 30 American racing driver
Jack Brymer, 88 British musician
Gabriel Terra, 69 President of Uruguay
Horace Gray, 74 American judge
Fred de Cordova, 90 American director and producer
Arthur Hallam, 22 English poet
Frank Francis, 86 Non-Fiction Author
Paul Granlund, 77 American artist
Leonard Borwick, 57 British musician