Saturn Award

People with Saturn Award


Name Title
Sylvester Stallone Film actor director screenwriter and television presenter
Howard Shore Canadian composer
Virginia Madsen American actress
Jodie Foster American actor film director and producer
Gale Anne Hurd American film producer and screenwriter
Ryan Reynolds Actor
Robert Patrick American actor
Melissa McBride American actress
Neve Campbell Actress
Candice Patton American actor
Jenette Goldstein American actress and businesswoman
Chris Pratt Actor
Jonathan Nolan Screenwriter
Chandler Riggs Actor
Téa Leoni Actress
Kevin Bacon American film and theater actor musician
Andrew Lincoln British actor
Blanchard Ryan Actress
Jessica Chastain American actress
Mary Elizabeth Winstead American actress
Alfred Hitchcock British film director and film producer
Jessica Michelle Blogger
Stan Lee American comic book writer and creator
Billy Bob Thornton Actor screenwriter director musician (Vocals/Drums)
Drew Barrymore Actress
Laurence Fishburne Award-winning American film theatre and television actor film director film producer and playwright.
Natalie Portman Israeli-American actress
Gloria Stuart Actress
Eddie Murphy American actor
Nick Dudman Costume & Make-Up
George Burns Actor Comedian Writer
Nicholas Meyer Screenwriter producer director novelist
Frank Marshall Film producer
Alice Krige Actress
David Warner Actor
William Sadler Actor
David Lynch Director
Vera Farmiga American actress
John Williams American composer
Paul Verhoeven (Germany) German actor film and theatre director and writer
Don Johnson (bowler) American ten-pin bowler
Sam Worthington Actor
Peter Jackson (cricketer) English cricketer
Angela Bassett American actor
Amy Adams (politician) New Zealand politician
Mickey Rourke American actor
Sandra Bullock Actress philanthropist
Kevin Bacon (equestrian) Olympic equestrian
Eric Heisserer Screenwriter
Lucas Black American actor
Malcolm McDowell Actor
Dino De Laurentiis film producer
Michael Clarke Duncan Actor
Michael J. Fox Canadian actor
Ed Harris Actor
Barret Oliver American child actor and photographer
Robert Zemeckis American film director
Bonnie Hunt Actress comedienne
Jennifer Lawrence American actress
Willem Dafoe American actor

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