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Bernie Sanders, 80 American politician
Richard Dawkins, 80 English evolutionary biologist ethologist atheist humanist and sceptic
Ahmed Shafik, 65 Egyptian Air Force air marshal
Goenawan Mohamad, 80 Indonesian journalist editor and poet
Yamid Amat, 79 Colombian journalist
Kevin Keelan, 80 English footballer
Dallas Smith, 80 Canadian ice hockey defenceman
Anandiben Patel, 79 Indian politician
Erasmo Carlos, 80 singer-songwriter
Mara Maionchi, 80 Italian record producer
Richard Page, 80 British politician
Lim Kit Siang, 80 Member of Maylsian Parliament
Fethullah Gülen, 80 So called Muslim scholar
Fernando Gabeira, 80 Brazilian politician
George Hook, 80 Irish broadcaster and journalist
Charles Beer, 79 Canadian politician
Patrick Patterson, 80 Jamaican cricketer
Ron Hunt, 77 American baseball player
Anwar Fazal, 80 Malaysian environmental activist
Alex Ferguson, 79 footballer and manager
Dawn Rae, 80 Australia cricketer
Moustafa Riyadh, 80 Egyptian footballer
Kalraj Mishra, 80 Indian politician
Roberto Requião, 80 Brazilian Politician
Laurence Tribe, 80 American lawyer and law school professor
Neelie Kroes, 80 Dutch politician
Amir Syamsuddin, 80 Minister of Justice and Human Rights of Indonesia
David Jeremiah, 80 American pastor and author
Jesse Jackson, 80 American civil rights activist politician minister
Eric Braeden, 80 German actor
Chuck Walker, 80 American football player
Hipólito Mejía, 80 President of the Dominican Republic
Chuck Woolery, 80 American game show host
Mario Corso, 80 Italian footballer
Billy Cox, 80 American musician
Paul Thomas (academic), 80 Educator
Kwon Young-ghil, 79 Korean politician and journalists
David Johnston, 80 Canadian academic and Governor General of Canada
Elizabeth Franz, 80 American actress
Asaram Bapu, 80 Religious Leader
Hage Geingob, 80 Namibian Prime Minister
Raul Blanco, 79 Argentine footballer
Pete Rose, 80 American baseball player coach manager
Jim Treliving, 80 Canadian businessman
Jim Dunaway, 76 American football player
Doug Scott, 80 British mountain climber
Ed Schrock, 80 American politician
Bill Oddie, 80 Actor writer composer musician comedian ornithologist conservationist television presenter