Prescott Bush politician

Prescott Bush, Former US Senator Father of George H.W. Bush, 77 years old.

Banker United States Senator Politician
Prescott Bush

Prescott Bush was a Former US Senator Father of George H.W. Bush. He was born on May 15, 1895 (died on October 08, 1972, he was 77 years old) in Columbus as Prescott Sheldon Bush. Prescott Sheldon Bush was an American banker and politician. He was a Wall Street executive banker and a United States Senator representing Connecticut from 1952 until January 1963. He was the father of George H. W. Bush and the grandfather of George W. Bush and Jeb Bush .

When is Prescott Bush's next birthday?

Prescott Bush was born on the , which was a Wednesday

When Prescott Bush died, he was 77 years old.

Prescott Bush zodiac sign was taurus.


His Mother
Flora Sheldon Bush
Flora Sheldon Bush

Flora Sheldon Bush was 25 years old when Prescott born.

His Father
Samuel P. Bush
Samuel P. Bush

Samuel P. Bush was 31 years old when Prescott born.


School name
St. George's School, Newport
Yale College

Sports Teams (1)

Team Match/Point Start End Age at that time
Yale Bulldogs football

Place of Birth, Real Name, Education, etc.

Alias Bush Prescott
AlmaMater Yale University
Battle World War I
Birth name Prescott Sheldon Bush
Child George H. W. Bush, Nancy Walker Bush Ellis, Jonathan Bush, William H. T. Bush
MilitaryUnit American Expeditionary Forces
Party Republican Party (United States)
Religion Episcopal Church (United States)
Spouse Dorothy Walker Bush
Given name Prescott
Place of burial Putnam Cemetery
Manner of death Natural Causes
US National Archives Identifier 10614984
Place of death New York City
Conflict World War I
Work location Washington, D.C.
Member of political party Republican Party
Languages spoken, written or signed English
Name in native language Prescott Sheldon Bush
Sex or gender Male
Position held United States Senator
Date of death 1972-10-08T00:00:00Z
Religion Episcopal Church
Country of citizenship United States Of America
Signature Prescott Bush signature
Ethnic group Scotch-Irish Americans
Cause of death Lung Cancer
Place of birth Columbus
Family name Bush. Show people with the surname Bush
Prescott Bush (77 years)
Prescott Bush

former US Senator, father of George H. W. Bush

  • Birth place: Columbus Ohio
  • Birth Sign: Taurus
Wednesday, May 15, 1895

Days left until next birthday: 40 days (as of April 5)

Profession: Politician

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Birth sign: Taurus

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