Yale College

People from Yale College


Name Title
Bobby Shriver American journalist
George W. Bush 43rd President of the United States
Bob Woodward American Journalist
John Vernou Bouvier III Wall Street stockbroker
Ben Silbermann American Internet entrepreneur
Richard Posner United States federal judge
Nathaniel Pearlman
Curtis Ellis American filmmaker
Carlos R. Moreno American judge
Calvin Hill American football player
Howard Koh American physician
Mitch Kapor Co-founder of the Electronic Frontier Foundation
Maxim Thorne American businessman
Reed Hundt American businessman
Susan Bysiewicz Secretary of the State of Connecticut
Cleveland Moffett American journalist and writer
William H. Hunt Judge politician and civil serveant
George Edmund Badger American secretary of the navy and senator for North Carolina
Prescott Bush Former US Senator Father of George H.W. Bush
James Smith Bush American lawyer
Nathaniel Parker Willis American magazine writer editor and publisher
John Pierpont American writer
Alphonso Taft American diplomat
George Bermann American legal academic
Jeremiah Day American academic
John P. Cushman American judge
Jonathan Brace American politician
William Pitt Lynde American politician
Amos Alonzo Stagg American football player and coach
Reuben Booth
Peter Van Brugh Livingston
Benjamin K. Phelps American politician and lawyer
Blair Levin
Katrina Swett American political candidate
Richard B. Hays
Matthias B. Tallmadge United States federal judge
Clark Bissell American judge and politician
William Orville Ayres American zoologist
William Treanor American lawyer
Chauncey Langdon American politician
Christopher Ellery American politician
Clark Blanchard Millikan American aerospace engineer
Poultney Bigelow
Andrew Leete Stone American chaplain
Victor H. Metcalf American politician
Jonathan O. Moseley American politician
Daniel Cady Eaton American botanist
Kevin McNulty (judge) United States District Judge
Samuel Robbins Brown American missionary
Alfred B. Kittredge American politician

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