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JJ Rendón, 77 Venezuelan Political Strategist
Jack Canfield, 77 Novelist
Mustofa Bisri, 77 Indonesian politician
Willem van Hanegem, 77 Dutch footballer and manager
Neil Page, 77 Australian baseball player
David Angel, 77 Judge/Supreme Court/Northern Territory Australia
Cristovam Buarque, 77 Brazilian politician
Hasan Cemal, 77 Turkish Writer And Journalist
Roger Daltrey, 77 English singer–songwriter musician actor film producer
Saira Banu, 77 Indian actor
Yoweri Museveni, 77 President of Uganda
Brian Tracy, 77 Canadian selfhelp writer
Mourid Barghouti, 77 Palestinian writer
Will Jennings, 77 American songwriter
Elías Pino Iturrieta, 77 Venezuelan writer and historian
Billie Jean King, 77 American former tennis player
Sam Ball, 77 American football player
Kim In, 77 South Korean Go player
Kenny Moore, 77 American distance runner
Han Myeong-sook, 77 South Korean politician
Nana Akufo-Addo, 77 Politician and lawyer Foreign Minister of Ghana
John Writer, 77 American sport shooter
Bill Gross, 77 American finance and investment writer
Guy Scott, 77 Zambian politician of White African origin
Julissa, 77 Mexican actor
Bruno Vespa, 77 Italian journalist
Neil Andrew, 77 Australian politician
David Painter, 77 Anglican Archdeacon
Jacques Attali, 77 French economist
Bobby King, 77 American gospel-style R&B and soul singer
Paolo Flores d'Arcais, 77 Italian philosopher
Evan Parker, 77 British musician
Jeffrey Tambor, 77 American actor
Harry Shearer, 77 Actor
Jeff Beck, 77 British musician
Joël Robert, 77 Motocross racer
Munawar Hasan, 77 Politician
Patricio Cornejo, 77 Chilean tennis player
Alice Waters, 77 American chef activist and author
Jimmy Hart, 77 American musician and sports businessman
Vincent Browne, 77 TV Show Host
Abdülkadir Aksu, 77 Turkish politician
Christine Boutin, 77
Jack Marin, 77 American basketball player
Larry Ellison, 77 Business repellent
Tarja Halonen, 77 President of Finland
Michelle Grattan, 77 Australian Writer
Charo López, 77 Spanish actor