John Lockwood

John Lockwood is a 60 years old from . John Lockwood was born on January 01, 1717 (died on January 14, 1777, he was 60 years old) in .

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Death Date:
January 14, 1777 (age 60)
Birth Sign :


Is John Lockwood still alive?

No, he died on 01/14/1777, 246 years ago. He was 60 years old when he died.


His mother is Matilda Vernon and his father is Richard Lockwood. and Richard Lockwood was 45 years old when John born. His father was an English rugby union and rugby league player.


Matilda Vernon
Mother: Matilda Vernon
Richard Lockwood
Father: Richard Lockwood


John Lockwood had two marriages.

Matilda Conyers

Matilda Conyers

He married with Matilda Conyers on Saturday, April 19th, 1755. John Lockwood was 38 years old. Married for 267 years, 9 months.

Amy Dean

Amy Dean

Lockwood married with Amy Dean on Friday, December 25th, 1835. John Lockwood was 118 years old. Married for 187 years, 1 month.


He had five children, Matilda , John (87) , Joshua (82) , Edwin (79, Connecticut politician) and Victoria (58, Former wife of Charles Spencer 9th Earl Spencer) .

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