Joshua Lockwood

Joshua Lockwood is a 82 years old from . Joshua Lockwood was born on January 01, 1749 (died on September 17, 1831, he was 82 years old) in .


Is Joshua Lockwood still alive?

No, he died on 09/17/1831, 192 years ago. He was 82 years old when he died.


His mother is Mary Demaine and his father is John Lockwood. His mother died at the age of (Joshua was 85 years old). When Joshua born she was 48 years old. () and John Lockwood was 32 years old when Joshua born.


Mary Demaine
Mother: Mary Demaine
John Lockwood
Father: John Lockwood


Joshua Lockwood had two marriages.

Dorothy Robinson

Dorothy Robinson

He married with Dorothy Robinson on Thursday, May 18th, 1775. Joshua Lockwood was 26 and Dorothy Robinson was 25 years old. Married for 248 years, 9 months.

Margaret Colbridge

Margaret Colbridge

Lockwood married with Margaret Colbridge on Tuesday, September 2nd, 1806. Joshua Lockwood was 57 years old. Married for 217 years, 5 months.


He had eleven children, John (60) , Hannah (283) , Joshua (82) , Mary (23, (1772-1795)) , Elizabeth (82) , Martha (241) , Esther (240) , Robinson (235) , Dorothy (233) , William (85, Australian cricketer) and Charles (63, American architectural historian) . When his first child, John Lockwood, was born, Joshua Lockwood was 32 years old.

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