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Harsha Bhogle, 60 Indian cricket commentator
Tim Cook, 60 CEO of Apple Inc.
Can Dündar, 60 Journalist
Benjamín Rausseo, 60 Venezuelan politician
Charles Sophy, 60 American psychiatrist
Octagón, 60 Mexican professional wrestler
Andrew Zimmern, 60 American tv chef
Mustafa Balbay, 60 Turkish Politician, Writer And Journalist
Patti Stanger, 60 American businesswoman
Toby Keith, 60 American actor and singer
Ces Drilon, 60 Filipino television journalist
RuPaul, 60 African American actor musician drag queen
Yanis Varoufakis, 60 Greek-Australian economist
Harry Goaz, 60 American actor
Julianne Moore, 60 American actress
Julia Louis-Dreyfus, 60 Actress comedian
Dieter Nuhr, 60 German comedian
Sucheta Dalal, 60 Indian Journalist
Todd McFarlane, 60 Canadian artist and entrepreneur
Ed Young (pastor), 60 Founder of the Fellowship church
Laura Boldrini, 60 Italian journalist politician
Lisa Lampanelli, 60 American stand-up comedian and insult comic
Mex Urtizberea, 60 Argentine comedian
Robert Carlyle, 60 Scottish actor
Ian Lucas, 60 British politician
Dinesh D'Souza, 60 Indian-American Political Commentator, Filmmaker, Author
Howie Severino, 60 Journalist
Nuhu Ribadu, 60 Nigerian police officer
Fred Hammond, 60 American musician and record producer
Boy George, 60 English musician
Nihat Zeybekci, 60 Turkish politician economist
Neal Morse, 60 American musician
Zach Nelson, 60 American businessman
Guy A. Lepage, 60 Canadian comedian
Barham Salih, 60 Iraqi politician
Vince Neil, 60 American racing driver
Kym Whitley, 60 American actor
Dan Nainan, 60 American comedian
Kay Burley, 60 British journalist
Carol Vorderman, 60 English TV presenter
David Duchovny, 60 American actor
Gary Dell'Abate, 60 American Radio Producer
Laurence Golborne, 60 Chilean politician
Butch Taylor, 60 American musician
Kurt Eichenwald, 60 American Journalist
Damon Wayans, 60 American comedian writer and actor
Dora Mazzone, 60 Venezuelan actor
Dennis Rodman, 60 American professional basketball player