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Lady Gaga, 35 American pop singer
Donald Trump, 75 45th president of the U.S. Businessman television personality
Tom Hanks, 65 Actor
Sofía Vergara, 48 Model and actress
Ivan Urgant, 43 Russian television presenter
Steve Carell, 58 American actor
Weird Al Yankovic, 61 American musician satirist parodist accordionist and television producer
Mehmet Oz, 61 American medical doctor
Patton Oswalt, 52 Stand-up comedian
Magic Johnson, 61 American professional basketball player
Pedro Bial, 63 Brazilian television presenter
Tina Kandelaki, 45 Russian television personality
LeVar Burton, 64 Actor director
Rob Corddry, 50 American actor
Oprah Winfrey, 67 Talk show host
Patti Stanger, 60 American businesswoman
Paul F. Tompkins, 52 American actor
Paul Scheer, 45 American comedian
Shin Koyamada, 39 American actor
Monica (singer), 40 Singer songwriter actress
Method Man, 50 American music producer and actor
Milagros Germán, 62 TV Presenter and producer
Garry Shandling, 66 American comedian
Joe Manganiello, 44 Actor
Julien Courbet, 56 French journalist
Lucas Cruikshank, 27 American actor
Alex Hirsch, 36 Storyboard artist producer voice actor
Guy A. Lepage, 60 Canadian comedian
Julie Chen, 51 American journalist
Patrick Sébastien, 67 French TV personality hist singer writer actor director sports owner
Justin Roiland, 41 Actor comedian
Grant Wilson, 47 American paranormal investigator and participant in reality television series
Morgan Webb, 42 American video game critic
Paresh Rawal, 71 Indian actor
Julian Assange, 50 Australian journalist programmer and Internet activist
Adam Horowitz, 49 American screenwriter and producer
Ellen DeGeneres, 63 American stand-up comedian television host and actress
Debora Patta, 57 Broadcast journalist
Paola Núñez, 43 Mexican actor and model
David Nutter, 61 American film director
Robin Wright, 55 Actress
Ross Kemp, 57 British actor
Sheri Salata, 61 American producer
Mark Gordon, 53 American television director and producer
Kim Kardashian, 40 Entrepreneur model actress
Mark Burnett, 61 England-born American television producer
Sharon Carpenter, 39 TV Show Host
Dustin Lance Black, 47 American screenwriter director and producer