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Lady Gaga, 35 American pop singer
Donald Trump, 75 45th president of the U.S. Businessman television personality
Tom Hanks, 65 Actor
Sofía Vergara, 48 Model and actress
Eugenio Derbez, 60 Mexican actor director
Adam Levine, 42 American singer
Scott Disick, 38 Reality television personality businessman
Declan Donnelly, 46 British television personality presenter and actor
Markiplier, 32 American YouTuber And Internet Personality
Ivan Urgant, 43 Russian television presenter
Bernie Sanders, 80 American politician
Steve Carell, 59 American actor
Weird Al Yankovic, 62 American musician satirist parodist accordionist and television producer
Phil Lester, 34 British vlogger and radio personality
Jenna Marbles, 35 YouTube Star
Mehmet Oz, 61 American medical doctor
Patton Oswalt, 52 Stand-up comedian
Magic Johnson, 62 American professional basketball player
Pedro Bial, 63 Brazilian television presenter
Felicia Day, 42 Actress
Fahad Albutairi, 36 Stand-up comedian
Tanya Burr, 32 British make-up artist and YouTube personality
Juanpa Zurita, 25 Mexican social media influencer, vlogger, actor and model
Tina Kandelaki, 45 Russian television personality
LeVar Burton, 64 Actor director
Ryan Higa, 31 YouTube Star
Daniel Samper Ospina, 47 Colombian journalist
RJ Balaji, 36 Indian RJ
Ezra Klein, 37 American journalist
Rick Mercer, 52 Canadian comedian
Kelly Ripa, 51 Actress talk show host
Ray William Johnson, 40 American Internet personality
Rob Corddry, 50 American actor
Oprah Winfrey, 67 Talk show host
Grace Helbig, 36 American comedian
Marques Brownlee, 27 American technology reviewer internet personality
Casey Neistat, 40 Film director
Patti Stanger, 60 American businesswoman
Brodie Smith, 34 Australian rules footballer
Lia Marie Johnson, 24 American actress
Nuria Piera, 61 Journalist
Jennifer Love Hewitt, 42 Actress singer-songwriter
Philip DeFranco, 35 video blogger
Michelle Phan, 34 Vietnamese American YouTube Star
Paul F. Tompkins, 53 American actor
Pat McAfee, 34 Player of American football
Paul Scheer, 45 American comedian
Julianne Moore, 60 American actress