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Neil Patrick Harris, 48 Actor
Emma Watson, 31 British actress
Zac Efron, 34 American actor
Ashley Tisdale, 36 American actress singer
Tom Hanks, 65 Actor
Stephen Fry, 64 British comedian
Paulina Rubio, 50 Mexican singer actress dance musician
Nick Jonas, 29 Vocalist Musician Actor Singer-songwriter
Jessica Alba, 40 actress
Anupam Kher, 66 Indian actor
Gad Elmaleh, 50 French actor and comedian
Anna Kendrick, 36 American actor
Luisana Lopilato, 34 Argentine actor
John Cleese, 81 English comedian
Demi Moore, 58 Actress
Andrea Legarreta, 50 Actress
Lali Espósito, 30 Argentine entertainer
Phil Lester, 34 British vlogger and radio personality
Bruna Marquezine, 26 Actress
Lea Salonga, 50 Award winning Filipino singer and actress
Debby Ryan, 28 Actress singer
Yesung, 37 South Korean singer
Ian McKellen, 82 English actor
Elizabeth Gillies, 28 Actress
Patrick Stewart, 81 Actor
Bob Saget, 65 American television presenter
Diego Luna, 41 Mexican actor
Edward Norton, 52 American actor
Kristen Bell, 41 Actress
Dianna Agron, 35 Actress singer
Florencia Peña, 46 Argentine actor
Amanda Holden, 50 English actress
Jane Lynch, 61 Actress
John Stamos, 58 American musician
Michelle Hunziker, 44 Italian television personality and model
Eliza Dushku, 40 Actress
Olivia Wilde, 37 Actress
Mark Hamill, 70 Actor
Zach Braff, 46 American Actor director screenwriter producer
Daniella Monet, 32 Actress singer dancer
Maisie Williams, 24 British actor
Ludwika Paleta, 42 Mexican actor
Christina Applegate, 49 American actress
Steven Yeun, 37 Actor
Sarah Hyland, 30 Actress
Soleil Moon Frye, 45 Actress director screenwriter
Brent Spiner, 72 American actor
Lin-Manuel Miranda, 41 American actor and musician