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Kadir Topbaş, 76 Mayor of İstanbul Province
David Smart, 52 Canadian basketball player
ELDee, 43 Nigerian musician
Sergio Los, 87 Italian architect
Shamcey Supsup, 34 Filipino model
Denise Scott, 65 Australian comedian
Simon Rastorguev, 40 Architect - futurist
Zaha Hadid, 65 Architect
Jack Nicklaus, 81 Professional golfer golf course architect
Isadore Sharp, 89 Canadian businessman
Mariasela Álvarez, 61 Television show host and architect from the Dominican Republic
Kanye West, 43 American recording artist record producer
Eva Kaili, 42 Politician and newscaster
Adolfo Pérez Esquivel, 89 Recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1980
Gene Dub, 77 Canadian architect
Jeff Gunther, 51
Sebastián Marroquín, 43 Son of Pablo Escobar
James More, 53 Magician
Emanuele Fiano, 58 Italian politician
Stefano Boeri, 64 Architect
Anders Linder, 79 Swedish actor and musician
Jack West, 88 Australian rules footballer
Frank Gehry, 92 Pritzker Prize-winning architect
Jacque Fresco, 101 Author scientist and futurist
Enrique Norten, 67 Mexican architect
A. T. Mann, 77 Astrologer Author Architect Artist Graphic Designer
Sou Fujimoto, 50 Japanese architect
John Gidding, 44 American architect
Humberto Lay, 81 Peruvian politician
Allison Arieff, 54 American architect
Samy Vellu, 85 Indian politician
Olajumoke Adenowo, 52 Nigerian architect and author
Ana Contreras, 36 Dominican Republic beauty pageant
Jeanne Gang, 57 Architect
Anibal Pachano, 66 Choreographer actor dancer and director
Beth Chatto, 95 British garden designer
Alan Hess, 69 American architect
Jeremy Till, 64 Architect Educator
Elizabeth Farrelly, 64 Australian writer and architecture critic
Patricia Urquiola, 59 Architect
Robert Mihaly, 54 American artist
Su Song, 81 polymath
Eric Corey Freed, 51 American architect
Kamal Kamaraju, 39 Indian actor
Witold Rybczynski, 78 Canadian architect
Fábio Mello, 45 Mixed martial artist
Dieter Rams, 88 German designer
Sergio Rodrigues, 87 Brazilian architect