The Star Maker 40 years old

Danny Youngblood is a famed Hollywood director with a reputation for modeling sexy starlets into superstar actresses, and then turning his discoveries into his wives, one after another. However, Danny meets his match when he zeros in on his latest starlet/conquest, Margot Murray, who decides to turn the tables on him.


Rock Hudson
Rock Hudson

Danny Youngblood

Jack Scalia
Jack Scalia

Vince Martino

Jeffrey Tambor
Jeffrey Tambor

Harry Lanson

Brenda Vaccaro
Brenda Vaccaro

Dolores Baker

Melanie Griffith
Melanie Griffith

Dawn Barnett Youngblood

Suzanne Pleshette
Suzanne Pleshette

Margot Murray

The Star Maker Cast

Name Character
Jeffrey Tambor He was 36, now 77 years old as Harry Lanson
Fred Sadoff He was 54, 67 years old when he died as Dr. Don Gold
Suzanne Pleshette She was 44, 70 years old when she died as Margot Murray
Rock Hudson He was 55, 59 years old when he died as Danny Youngblood
Melanie Griffith She was 23, now 64 years old as Dawn Barnett Youngblood
Brenda Vaccaro She was 41, now 81 years old as Dolores Baker
April Clough He was 28, 52 years old when he died as Honey Potts
Jack Scalia He was 30, now 70 years old as Vince Martino
Jim Antonio He was 50, now 90 years old as Fred Windsor
Frank Aletter He was 55, 83 years old when he died as Harvey Denver
Titos Vandis He was 63, 85 years old when he died as Edgar J. Winters
Kristian Alfonso She was 17, now 58 years old as Kelly Blake
Fred Dryer He was 34, now 75 years old as Milt Cooperman
Ed McMahon He was 58, 86 years old when he died as Lou Parker

The Star Maker Crew

Name Department
Donfeld as Costume Design. He was 46 (72) years old when He died Costume & Make-Up
William Bast as Writer. He was 50 (84) years old when He died Writing
Gary Griffin as Editor. He was 21 (36) years old when He died Editing
Herman F. Zimmerman as Art Direction. He was 46 (now 86) years old Art
Lou Antonio as Director. He was 47 (now 87) years old Directing
Peter Locke as Producer. He was 80 (now 120) years old Production
Jimmie Haskell as Music. He was 54 (89) years old when He died Sound
Jonathan Debin as Associate Producer. Production
The Star Maker poster
The Star Maker (40 years)

  • Release day: Monday, May 11, 1981
  • Runtime: 192 minutes