Murder Ordained 36 years old

Murder Ordained

This is the story of a minister who's feeling unhappy in his marriage who then has an affair with a church employee, who is also married, and who also has affairs, and whose husband is unwilling to divorce her. One day the minister's wife is found dead, in what appears to be an auto accident, but the highway patrolman who investigated the accident doesn't think that it's an accident but doesn't have enough evidence to justify an investigation. Later, when the woman's husband is killed an investigation begins.


Murder Ordained Cast

Name Character
Johnny Galecki He was 12, now 48 years old as Doug Rule
John Goodman He was 34, now 71 years old as Hugh Rayburn
Kathy Bates She was 38, now 75 years old as Bobbi Birk
Lee Garlington She was 33, now 70 years old as Lorna's Friend
JoBeth Williams She was 38, now 75 years old as Lorna Anderson
Guy Boyd He was 44, now 80 years old as Mike Buckley
M. Emmet Walsh He was 52, now 88 years old as Vern Humphrey
Margot Rose She was 30, now 67 years old as Nancy Horst
Terence Knox He was 40, now 77 years old as Martin Anderson
Keith Carradine He was 37, now 74 years old as Trooper John Rule
Bruce French He was 41, now 78 years old as Bruce Linton
Terry Kinney He was 33, now 70 years old as Tom Bird
Robert Harper He was 35, 68 years old when he died as Warren
Darrell Larson He was 36, now 73 years old as Ronald Stark
Annabella Price as Sandy Bird
Anne E. Curry as Loraine Rule

Murder Ordained Crew

Name Department
Mike Robe as Director. Directing
Mike Robe as Writer. Writing
James Steven Sadwith as Writer. He was 34 (now 71) years old Writing
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Murder Ordained (36 years)

  • Release day: Sunday, May 03, 1987
  • Runtime: 185 minutes