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Chris Cornell, 52 Singer-songwriter Musician
Dolla, 21 Rapper
Ian Curtis, 23 Musician and songwriter
Elizabeth Montgomery, 62 Actress
Wayne Allwine, 62 American voice actor
Mary McLeod Bethune, 79 Educator civil rights activist
Davey Boy Smith, 39 Professional wrestler
Bridgette Andersen, 21 Actress
Ernie Davis, 23 Player of American football
Roger Ailes, 77 Television executive
Jeannette Rankin, 92 American congresswoman for Montana
Stephanie Adams, 47 American model and astrologer
Jacques Marquette, 37 Explorer
Daws Butler, 71 Voice actor
Gustav Mahler, 50 Bohemian-Austrian composer and conductor
Andrew Martinez, 33 Activist
William Joseph Simmons, 65 Ku Klux Klan founder
Jill Ireland, 54 Actress
James Truslow Adams, 70 Writer historian
Jacque Fresco, 101 Author scientist and futurist
Dorothy Ruth, 67 American writer
Leroy Anderson, 66 American composer of short light concert pieces
Elisha Cook, Jr., 91 Actor
Andy Clyde, 75 Scottish/American actor
Billy Cannon, 80 Player of American football
William Saroyan, 72 Novelist playwright short story writer
Elvin Jones, 76 American musician
Avraham Shlonsky, 73 Israeli poet
Henry O'Neill, 69 Movie Actor
Robert Norrby, 30 YouTube Star
K. Pattabhi Jois, 93 Yogi
Wubbo Ockels, 68 Dutch astronaut
Isaac Albéniz, 48 Spanish-Catalan musician
David A. Johnston, 30 American volcanologist
Alexander Godunov, 45 Russian-American dancer and actor
Rupert King of Germany, 58 King of the Romans (1400-1410) and Elector Palatine (1398-1410)
Richard Hale, 88 American singer and actor
Anthony Forwood, 72 Actor
Kazimierz Fajans, 87 American scientist
John W. Bubbles, 84 American dancer and musician
Amos W. Barber, 54 American politician
Georgios Sinas, 72 Grgeek diplomat
Jacob S. Coxey, 97 Politician
John Nevil Maskelyne, 77 English magician and inventor of the pay toilet
Jim McElreath, 89 American racing driver
Lothar Schmid, 85 German chess player
Hal Chase, 64 American baseball player manager
George Meredith, 81 Writer and poet