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Fred Rogers, 74 American entertainer
Louis Vuitton, 70 Entrepreneur
Leonard Nimoy, 83 American actor
Patrick O'Connell, 71 Actor
Frankie Lymon, 25 Rock Singer
Lillian Gish, 99 Actress
Spike Milligan, 83 Comedian comic writer trumpeter
Altaf Hussain, 65 Pakistani politician
Ivan Pavlov, 86 Biologist
Dale Robertson, 89 American film and television actor
James Madison Sr., 77 American planter
Zeus Atwood, 7 Dog
Van Cliburn, 78 American pianist
Selwyn Toogood, 84 New Zealand broadcaster
Duke Snider, 84 Major League Baseball outfielder
Jacques Plante, 57 Canadian ice hockey goaltender
Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins, 87 English sculptor and natural history artist
Frank Buckles, 110 United States Army soldier and centenarian
J.T. Walsh, 54 Actor
Allison Hayes, 46 Actress model
William F. Buckley, Jr., 82 American writer political commentator TV personality
Nadezhda Krupskaya, 70 Political Wife
J Pat O'Malley, 80 TV Actor
Myron Cope, 79 Sportscaster
Eleanor King, 85 American dancer
Boyd Coddington, 63 American hot rod designer
John Boles, 73 Actor
Tzvetan Todorov, 77 Bulgarian philosopher
Jacob H. Gilbert, 60 American politician
Edward Nixon, 88 American businessman
Konrad Lorenz, 85 Austrian zoologist winner of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1973.
Alexander Borodin, 53 Russian musician
Chandra Shekhar Azad, 24 Indian activist and revolutionary freedom fighter
Tom Nelson, 80 YouTube Star
Peter Petroff, 83 Engineer
Ramon Dekkers, 43 Dutch martial artist
Boris Nemtsov, 55 Russian politician
Artie Jay Mitchell, 45 Entrepreneur
Gene de Paul, 68 American musician
Richard Bakalyan, 84 American actor
Peter Behrens, 71 Industrial designer and architect
William H.T. Bush, 79 Family Member
Goh Soon Tioe, 70 Singaporean Musician
Vic Janowicz, 66 Player of American football
Robert Brooke, 39 Instagram Star
Milton Katims, 96 Composer
Johnny Carpenter, 88 American actor
Mihail Petruševski, 78 Macedonian academic