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Butterfly McQueen, 84 Actress
Beatrix Potter, 77 Children's author illustrator and botanist
Michelle Thomas, 30 TV Actress
Elena Mukhina, 46 Russian artistic gymnast
Joe Cocker, 70 English rock and blues musician composer and actor
Joe Strummer, 50 Musician and actor
Christine Cavanaugh, 51 American voice actress
Frances Xavier Cabrini, 67 Italian-American saint
Diomedes Díaz, 56 Singer musician
Julie Berman, 51 Actress
Sanaa Gamil, 72 Egyptian actor
Ma Rainey, 53 African-American singer
Rachel Jackson, 61 Wife of Andrew Jackson seventh President
George Eliot, 61 Novelist
Michael Corcoran, 36 Union Army general
Samuel Beckett, 83 Irish novelist playwright and poet
Chico Mendes, 44 Brazilian politician
Jordan Feldstein, 40 Business Executive
Brooke McCarter, 52 American actor
Franca Sozzani, 66 Editor-in-chief of Vogue Italia
Jimmy Patton, 39 Football Player
Lucy Burns, 87 Suffragette
Ram Dass, 88 psychologist and spiritual leader
Lucy Graves, 89 Pianist
Beaver Harris, 55 American musician
Gilda Gray, 58 Dancer singer actress
Don DeFore, 80 Actor
John Clay, 72 Football Player
Nathanael West, 37 American writer
Harry Langdon, 60 American comedian
Jane Langton, 95 Novelist children's writer
Kenneth Tobey, 85 American actor
Sterling North, 68 American children's writer
Ryan Freel, 36 American baseball player
Dave Dudley, 75 American musician
Henry Bennett, 65 Politician
Darryl F. Zanuck, 77 Film producer
Luca Prodan, 34 Rock Singer
Dylan Sahara, 25 TV Actress
Robert Keith, 68 Actor
Vilhelm Lauritzen, 90 Architect
Cliff Osmond, 75 American actor and writer
Felix Moscheles, 84 British artist
Lance Fuller, 73 Actor
Susan Fleming, 94 Actress
Pier Giorgio Di Cicco, 70 Canadian poet
Lance Loud, 50 Columnist musician
Harry Kent, 1 Soccer Player