Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Screenplay Winners

People with Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Screenplay


Name Title
Aaron Latham Writer
Adam Kennedy American professional baseball player second baseman
Adam Sandler American comedian producer and musician
Albert S. Ruddy Canadian film producer
Allan Carr Film TV and theatre producer screenwriter
Andreas Wilson Swedish actor
Andrew Dice Clay Comedian actor
Barry Siegel American journalist
Becky Johnston Writer
Bill Cosby American actor comedian author producer musician activist
Blake Edwards Writer
Bob Dolman Besides writing directing and producing for film and television Mr Dolman plays harmonica and ukulele.
Brent Maddock Writer
Bronte Woodard American writer
Bruce Willis American actor producer singer
Carl Gottlieb American comedian screenwriter
Carol Sobieski American screenwriter
Charlie Peters Writer
Dan Aykroyd Canadian film actor
Daniel Myrick American film director
Daniel Waters Writer
David Arnott Actor
David Loughery Writer
David Seltzer American screenwriter and producer
David Stenn Writer
Eddie Murphy American actor
Elaine May Actress director and screenwriter
Eleanor Bergstein
Ellen Shepard Writer
Erich Segal American writer
Frank Perry Film director
Frank Yablans American screenwriter
Gary Goddard American film director
Gloria Katz Writer
Guerdon Trueblood Writer
Hal Needham Film director
Harve Bennett American television and film producer
Harvey Miller Director
Heidi Ferrer Writer
Henry Bean Film director actor
Hesper Anderson Writer
Heywood Gould American film director anad screenwriter
Hilary Henkin
Hugo Gilbert Writer
Ilene Chaiken American television director producer and writer
J. J. Abrams American film director
James Bridges American film director and screenwriter
James Cameron Film director
James Cappe Writer
Joe Eszterhas Hungarian-American screenwriter

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