Academy Award for Best Picture Winners 95 years old

People with Academy Award for Best Picture


Name Title
A. Kitman Ho Film producer
Aaron Rosenberg All-American college football player film producer
Aaron Ryder Film producer
Adele Romanski Film producer
Ahmed Rachedi Director
Alain Sarde French film producer
Alan J. Pakula Film director producer screenwriter
Alan Ladd, Jr. Film producer
Alan Marshall Film producer
Alan Pakula Director
Albert Berger Film producer
Albert S. Ruddy Canadian film producer
Alberto Grimaldi Italian Film Producer
Alejandro González Iñárritu Mexican film director
Alexander Payne Film director
Alexandra Rose Film producer
Alfonso Cuarón Mexican film director
Alice Adams Novelist
Alison Owen Film producer
Alix Madigan Film producer
Amanda Posey Film producer
Amy Pascal Film studio executive
Anatole Litvak Director
Andrew Kosove
Andrew Lazar American film producer
Andrew S. Karsch Film producer
Andrew Scheinman Film producer
Andy Harries British producer
Ang Lee American film director
Anne Rosellini Writer
Anthony Havelock-Allan
Anthony Katagas Film producer
Anthony McCarten Screenwriter
Arlene Donovan Film producer
Arnold Kopelson American film producer
Arnon Milchan Israeli film producer
Arthur Hornblow, Jr. Film producer
Arthur P. Jacobs American film producer
Barrie M. Osborne American film producer
Barry Levinson (producer) Film and television producer
Barry Mendel Film producer
Barry Spikings British film producer
Baz Luhrmann Film director
Ben Affleck American Actor
Bengt Forslund Film producer
Bernard Smith Film producer
Bill Mechanic film producer
Bill Pohlad Film producer
Bill Walsh Writer
Billy Wilder Austrian-born Jewish-American journalist screenwriter film director and producer

Academy Award for Best Picture (95 years)

  • Inception: Tuesday, January 01, 1929