Academy Award for Best Actor Winners

People with Academy Award for Best Actor


Name Title
Adolphe Menjou American actor
Adrien Brody Actor
Al Pacino American actor
Alan Arkin actor
Alan Bates Actor
Albert Finney actor
Alec Guinness English actor
Alexander Knox Actor
Alfred Lunt Actor
Andrew Garfield Actor
Anthony Hopkins Actor
Arthur Kennedy Actor
Ben Kingsley Actor
Benedict Cumberbatch English actor
Bill Murray American actor and comedian
Billy Bob Thornton Actor screenwriter director musician (Vocals/Drums)
Bing Crosby American singer actor
Birdman Rapper
Bob Hoskins Actor
Brad Pitt American actor
Bradley Cooper Actor
Broderick Crawford Actor
Bruce Dern American actor
Bryan Cranston American actor
Burt Lancaster American actor
Cary Grant Actor
Casey Affleck Actor
Chaim Topol Actor
Charles Boyer Actor
Charles Laughton English-American stage and film actor
Charlie Chaplin English actor and director
Charlton Heston American actor
Chester Morris Actor
Chiwetel Ejiofor Actor
Christian Bale English actor
Clark Gable American actor
Cliff Robertson Actor
Clifton Webb Actor singer dancer
Clint Eastwood Actor director film producer composer politician
Colin Firth British actor
Cornel Wilde Actor
Dan Dailey Actor singer and dancer
Dan O'Herlihy
Dan O'Herlihy Actor
Daniel Day-Lewis Actor
Daniel Kaluuya Actor
David Niven English actor author
David Strathairn Academy Award-nominated American film television and stage actor
Demián Bichir Mexican actor
Denzel Washington Actor screenwriter director producer

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