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Carly Rose Sonenclar, 21 Actress singer
Sharlene San Pedro, 21 Filipino actor
Alexa Ilacad, 21 Filipino actress
Sean Hill, 21 American ice hockey player
Emma Kenney, 21 American actor
Camryn, 21 Singer toured with One Direction Cody Simpson and Greyson Chance.
Liam Pickering, 21 Australian rules footballer
Yara Shahidi, 21 American actor
Inverse Phase, 21 American musician
Tucker Albrizzi, 21 Actor
Saxon Sharbino, 21 American actor
Ellis Hollins, 21 actor
Dakota Goyo, 21 Actor
Darrin Patrick, 21 American author and pastor
Garrett Ryan, 21 Actor
Buddy Handleson, 21 American actor
Paris Lees, 21 Journalist presenter and LGBT activist
Martin Ford, 21 English cricketer
Scott Frost, 21 American football player and coach
David Macmillan, 21 British actor
Celph Titled, 21 Rapper
Aramis Knight, 21 American actor
Yui Mizuno, 21 Japanese singer
Jadagrace, 21 American actor
Hunter Greene, 21 Member of Louisiana State Legislature
Luca Palazzo, 21 Italian footballer
Kerry Ingram, 21 Actress
Noah Cyrus, 21 American actor
Dane Morgan, 21 Australian rugby league player
Keith Mark, 21
Roshni Walia, 21 Indian film and television child actress.
Faisal Farooqui, 21 indian businessman
Nathan Chen, 21 Figure skater
Niamh McGrady, 21 Irish actress
Tony Castro, 21
Greg Heffley, 21 Personaje Ficticio
Vince Smith, 21 Member of the Tasmanian Legislative Assembly
Lewis Taylor, 21 British musician
Ian Herman, 21 Australian rules footballer
Carlotta Truman, 21 German singer
Ben Sisario, 21 Academic author and journalist
Sohee Park, 21 Japanese actor
Bailie Key, 21 American artistic gymnast
Jacky Lee, 21 American football player
Mary Collins, 21 Canadian politician
Eric Holmes, 21 American racing driver
Madison Leisle, 21 American actor
Mike Ginn, 21 New Zealand actor