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Kylie Jenner, 24 reality television personality and model
Bella Thorne, 23 American actress singer
Greyson Chance, 24 Singer-pianist gained fame on YouTube
Becky G, 24 American singer
Sadie Robertson, 24 American Television Personality
Maisie Williams, 24 British actor
Rebecca Black, 24 American singer
Olivia Holt, 24 Actress singer
Bea Binene, 23 Filipino actor
Zara Larsson, 23 Swedish singer
Jake Short, 24 Actor
Sierra McCormick, 23 Actress
Adam Irigoyen, 24 American actor
Leo Howard, 24 Actor model martial artist
Connor McDavid, 24 Ice hockey player
Dylan Riley Snyder, 24 American actor
Joe Gomez, 24 American professional wrestler
Maude Apatow, 23 American actress
Isabelle Fuhrman, 24 American actor
Colton Jacobson, 23 American singer
Enes √únal, 24 Soccer Player
Connor Williams, 24 Indian cricketer
Malala Yousafzai, 24 Pakistani child activist
Rian Gordon, 24 Scottish actor
Patrick Roberts, 24 Professional footballer
Matthew Spencer, 24 Australian rules footballer
Austin White, 24 Montserratian cricketer
Suzuka Nakamoto, 23 Japanese singer
Aidan Davis, 24 British dancer
Martina Stoessel, 24 Actress and singer
Ben Long, 24 American artist
Daphne Blunt, 23 American actor and singer
Jurina Matsui, 24 Japanese singer
Dean-Charles Chapman, 24 Actor
S. Akash, 24 Flautist
Zach Callison, 23 Actor
Lewis Cook, 24 Professional footballer
Aidan Walsh, 24 Irish hurler and Gaelic footballer
Ana Carrasco, 24 Spanish motorcycle racer
Francesco Bagnaia, 24 Italian motorcycle racer
Malaya Watson, 23 Singer
Youri Tielemans, 24 Belgian footballer
Benni Cinkle, 24 Musician
Matthew Gumley, 24 Actor
Jazz Ocampo, 23 Filipina actress and commercial model
Sydney Park (actress), 23 American actress comedian
Kwak Dong-yeon, 24 South Korean actor and singer
Morgan Baker, 24 Australian actor