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Hugh Hefner, 91 Founder and editor-in-chief of Playboy magazine
Rubén Fuentes, 95 Mexican musician
Louise Hay, 90 Self-Help Author
Tim Valentine, 95 American politician
Paul Bocuse, 91 French chef
James Best, 88 American actor musician artist
Alan Alan, 88 Escapologist
Don Rickles, 90 American comedian actor
John Dingell, 92 American politician
Ian Paisley, 88 Northern Ireland political and religious leader
Richard Anderson, 91 film television actor
Cloris Leachman, 95 Actress
Alfredo Di Stéfano, 88 Argentine footballer and manager
Hilary Knight, 94 American illustrator best known for the Eloise books.
Miguel Civil, 93 Assyriologist & Sumerologist
Bob Richards, 95 Athletics (sport) competitor pole vaulter
François Morel, 95 Canadian classical music composer and educator
Terry Cavanagh, 95 Canadian ice hockey player
Rich Davis, 89 American businessman
John A. Schneider, 94 American television executive
Rupert Neve, 95 Audio engineer and entrepreneur
Sol Stein, 92 American publisher
Al Naples, 95 Baseball player
Roger Corman, 95 American film director producer and actor
Tom Calvin, 95 American football player
John Beer, 19 British literary critic
Al Rogers, 95 American musician
Dick Nichols, 92 American politician
Geoff Collins, 79 Australian rules footballer
Charles Muñoz, 91 American writer
Irene Papas, 95 Actress
Ray Harvey, 77 Cricketer electrician
Wolfgang Lange, 95 German canoeist
Betty Kennedy, 91 Canadian politician
Ted Noffs, 69 Australian Minister
Ron Russell, 92 Canadian politician
Nick Noble, 85 American soccer player
Doug Larson, 91
Tony Street, 95 Australian politician
Joe Houston, 89 American jazz and R&B tenor saxophonist
Sami Michael, 95 Author novelist the President of ACRI – The Association for Civil Rights in Israel
Elizabeth II, 95 Queen regnant of the Commonwealth realms
Robert Bly, 94 American poet author activist
Chuck Berry, 90 American musician
Elisabeth Elliot, 88 American missionary
Laurence Street, 91 Australin judge
George Beach, 95 Ice hockey player
Alastair Reid, 85 British poet