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Andrew Benson, 97 American biologist
Charlie Page, 93 Australian rules footballer
David Hampshire, 72 Formula One driver
Helen Glass, 103 Canadian nurse
Theodore Hesburgh, 97 Religious Leader
Shep Shepherd, 101 American jazz musician
Molly Kelly, 87 American politician
Wansa, 98 Yazidi princess
David Easton, 97 Canadian academic
Michael Dare, 78 Canadian general
Tom Pritchard, 104 New Zealand cricketer
Ray Fox, 104 NASCAR team owner
Harry Hickey, 82 Australian rules footballer
Lorna Gray, 99 Actress
Jack Atherton, 44 English footballer
I. M. Pei, 102 Chinese-born American architect
Michael Ani, 68 Nigerian civil servant
Akbar Hussain, 62 Writer
Zsa Zsa Gabor, 99 Hungarian-American actress and socialite
Hartley Craig, 89 Australian cricketer
Peter Sim, 98 Australian politician
Camilo Minero, 88 Salvadoran artist
Chet Murphy, 98 American tennis coach
Louis Zamperini, 97 Italian-American middle distance runner
Norma del Rosario, 104 Filipino actor
Frederic Fox, 104
Giovanni Benedetti, 100 Catholic bishop
P. K. Smith, 104 American politician
Stephen Greene, 82 Canadian politician
Denis Healey, 104 British Labour Party politician and Life peer
Vera Lynn, 104 Singer
Tony Samuel, 83 American football player and coach
Jini Dellaccio, 97 Photographer
John F. Kennedy, 46 35th President of the United States
Ella Fitzgerald, 79 American jazz singer
Dean Martin, 78 Singer actor comedian
Desi Arnaz, 69 Cuban-American musician
Desi Arnaz (TV Actor), 104 TV Actor
Lena Horne, 92 Singer actress activist
June Foray, 99 American voice actress
Pedro Infante, 39 Singer Actor
Ernest Borgnine, 95 American actor
Indira Gandhi, 66 Prime Minister of India
Jack Kirby, 76 Artist
June Allyson, 88 Actress
Dizzy Gillespie, 75 Jazz trumpeter
Raymond Burr, 76 Actor
Phyllis Diller, 95 American actress