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Nicanor Parra, 103 writer poet
Guillermo López, 106 Chilean boxer
Hans Sommer, 107 SS officer
R. T. Walker, 106 Negro League Baseball player
Lee Howard, 65 Major League Baseball pitcher
Miss Fatima, 107 British chess player
Frank P. Williams, 90 Australian rules footballer
Alex Bourgeois, 107 Fencer
David Alexander (director), 106 Television director
Paulo Baier, 106 Brazilian footballer
J. L. Manning, 60
Leonardo Gula, 55 Argentine boxer
Paul Chamberlain, 82 Canadian philosopher
Louis Ford, 107 Businessman; Football administrator and referee
Mary Carlisle, 104 American actress
Tom Bush, 54 English rugby league player
Anne Baker, 107 British writer
Everett Ruess, 55 American artist
Einar Gustafsson, 80 Swedish politician
Finn Paul, 106 TikTok Star
Joe DiMaggio, 84 American baseball player and coach
Josh White, 55 American singer guitarist songwriter actor and civil rights activist
Roy Hu, 87 TikTok Star
Hedy Lamarr, 85 Actress inventor
Michael Grant, 89 Young Adult Author
Alec Guinness, 86 English actor
Viola Desmond, 50 Civil Rights Leader
Norman Lloyd, 55 American actor
Raymond Parks, 96 Race Car Driver
Dylan Thomas, 39 Welsh poet and writer
Jonas Salk, 80 Physician and epidemiologist
Tove Jansson, 86 Finnish children's writer and illustrator
María Félix, 87 Actress
Tyrone Power, 44 Actor
George Reeves, 45 Actor
Bill Finger, 59 American comic strip and comic book writer
Harry Caray, 83 American sportscaster
Jackie Coogan, 69 American actor
Octavio Paz, 84 Mexican writer laureated with the 1990 Nobel Prize for Literatue
Andrea Leeds, 69 American actress
Clayton Moore, 85 Actor
Genevieve Musci, 55 YouTube Star
Louis de Funès, 68 French actor
Thor Heyerdahl, 87 Norwegian ethnographer and adventurer
Pee Wee King, 86 Country musician and songwriter
Jonathan Harris, 87 American actor
Ray Walston, 86 American actor
Charlie Salt, 43 Bassist