Immersion 13 years old

Immersion is an ongoing American Rooster Teeth Live action production Sci-Fi Comedy TV Web series by Rooster Teeth Productions about how well video gaming material works in real life. During each episode, several Rooster Teeth staff members try to recreate the elements of popular video games to see weather or not and how well the video game material indeed works in real life. Like the show Mythbusters, Rooster Teeth takes all sorts of video game conventions, ideas, abilities and tests them in real life on real people.



Name Character
Gavin Free He was 22 , now 35 years old
Burnie Burns He was 37 , now 51 years old as Host
Barbara Dunkelman She was 21 , now 34 years old
Lindsay Jones She was 21 , now 34 years old as Herself
Geoff Ramsey He was 35 , now 48 years old as Lab Rat
Jack Pattillo He was 28 , now 42 years old
Gus Sorola He was 32 , now 46 years old as Lab Rat


Name Job title
Burnie Burns Production He was 37 , now 51 years old Producer
Immersion (13 years)


  • First Air Date: 2010-11-29
  • Runtime: [] minutes
  • Number of Episodes: 14