University of California, Berkeley

People from University of California, Berkeley


Name Title
Corey Flintoff American radio journalist
Richard Schwartz American mathematician
Mel Levine American politician
Jody Diamond American composer and performer
Alan Love Scottish footballer
Neal King Former president of Antioch University Los Angeles and Sofia University/The Institute of Transpersonal Psychology
Cara Mia Wayans American actor
Ruby Wax Comedian actress
Carl Franklin Actor screenwriter Film and television director
Sally Edwards American triathlete
Bill Budge Computer game programmer and designer
Matt Richtel Writer
Darren Lewis American baseball player
Norman Yee Member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors
Chris Pine Actor
Jeff Adachi American civil rights lawyer
Susan Wittig Albert Writer
Jenna Stern American actor
Michael Cooke
Charles Yu American writer
Francisco Aragón poet
Peter Tieryas American wrier
Ashley Judd American actress
Kathy Baker Actress
Kevin Ruf American actor
David Buss American psychologist
Sandy Petersen American game designer
David Radcliffe American swimmer Olympian
David M. Levinson American Urban Planner
Keith Harrison Canadian writer
Tao Ruspoli Italian American filmmaker and musician
Gerald Posner American journalist
Richard Carrier American historian and philosopher
David Matsumoto American psychologist
David Lonie American football player
Robert Kuttner American journalist
John Schaeffer American boxing trainer
Mona Simpson American novelist
Howard K. Stern American lawyer
Robert Scheer American writer activist and tax resister
Gerardo Sandoval American politician
Leza Lowitz American writer and yoga instructor
Rebecca Solnit American writer
Kent Mitchell Olympic medalist in rowing
Peter Washington American jazz musician
Eva Paterson
Darrin Bell Cartoonist
Christopher A. Sims American time-series statistician and econometrician developer of vector auto-regressive models Bayesian statistician President of the Econometric Society 2011 winner of the Nobel Prize
Linda Skitka Psychologist
Teresa Ghilarducci American economist

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