UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television

People from UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television


Name Title
Alexander Payne Film director
Christopher Young American film score and television composer
Adrian Bryan-Brown Press agent theatrical promoter
Scott Mechlowicz American actor
Kevin M. Connolly Actor stage technician
Nicolas Cage American actor and film producer
Christopher Gorham actor
BB. Gandanghari Actress
Joanna Gleason Canadian actress and singer
Carol Burnett Actress comedienne singer dancer writer
Allison Anders Director screenwriter
Ben Stiller Actor Comedian Director Writer
Charles Burnett Director
Frank E. Peretti Novelist
Jack Black American actor comedian and musician
Vantile Whitfield Arts administrator
Tim Robbins actor screenwriter director producer
Kevin Tsai Taiwanese television personality
Phillip Christon Film director and screenwriter
Emily Rose Actress
Josh Cooke Actor
Dan Sallitt Director
Susan Egan Actress singer
Bruce Bilson Director producer writer
Gary Glassman Director
Marco Williams Director
Ike Jones First African-American to serve as a producer on a major motion picture.
William Crain Director
JR Reed Actor
Cauleen Smith American film director
Ana Lily Amirpour Director
Sam Golzari American actor
Louis Schwartzberg Director
Kayo Hatta American film directorand activist
Alile Sharon Larkin Independent filmmaker and educator
Louis J. Horvitz Director
Russ Kingston Actor
Jason B. Kohl Director
David Devine Director
Syd Field American screenwriting guru
Carroll Parrott Blue
Billy Woodberry Director
Cynthia Szigeti Actress
Mike Aho
Carroll Ballard American film director
Krishna Shah Director
Jim Herzfeld Writer
Ramón Menéndez Actor
Lewis Collins Actor
Mike Werb Writer

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