Boston College

People from Boston College


Name Title
Kemp Hannon American politician
David Toscano American politician
Matt Dolan American politician
John F. Fitzgerald American politician
Christopher G. Kennedy American businessman
Brian Flores American football player and coach
Dave Spina American ice hockey player
Chip Maxwell American politician
Jill Alper American political campaigner
Cory Schneider American ice hockey player
Phil Schiller American businessman
Richard Lennon Catholic bishop
Terry Doyle Baseball player
Charles Flaherty American politician
Linda Finn American politician
Verbal (rapper) Japanese rapper producer.
Megan Rice American activist
Sean Hanna American politician
Amy Poehler American actress and comedienne
Kevin Stevens American ice hockey player
Brian Murphy (writer)
Alex Albright American football defensive end and outside linebacker
Joseph Connors American art historian
Kathleen O'Toole
Jim Whalen American football player
Dorothy Bush Koch American writer and philanthropist
Chris O'Donnell Movie Actor
Mary E. Grant American politician
William R. Keating American politician
Reuben Ayarna Ghanaian footballer
P. J. Kennedy Irish-American politician and businessman
Gilbert V. Indeglia American politician
Robert Wurzelbacher American business executive
Barry H. Corey President of Biola University
Brian F. Linnane
Verbal Rapper
Howard Eisley American basketball player
Ernest Moniz Physicist
Daniel Patrick Reilly Roman Catholic bishop
Cameron Esposito Comedian
Amul Roger Thapar United States federal judge
Charles D. Ferris American politician
Frank Reed Horton
Bill Arnold Hockey Player
Hugh Aloysius Drum United States Army general
Salvatore DiMasi American politician
Brooke Queenan American basketball player
Frank Bergon
Johnny Gaudreau Hockey Player
Melvin B. Breath American mayor

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