Suzanne Peignot

Suzanne Peignot is a 86 years old from . Suzanne Peignot was born on February 04, 1876 (died on August 20, 1962, she was 86 years old) in as Chardon.


Her real name:
Birth name of Suzanne Peignot is Chardon
Is Suzanne Peignot still alive?

No, she died on 08/20/1962, 61 years ago. She was 86 years old when she died.


Her mother is Angéline Lenoir and her father is Q20899856. Her mother died at the age of (Suzanne was 0 years old). When Suzanne born she was 31 years old. () and Q20899856 was 45 years old when Suzanne born.


Angéline Lenoir
Mother: Angéline Lenoir
Father: Q20899856


Suzanne Peignot had two marriages.

Charles Peignot

Charles Peignot

She married with Charles Peignot on Friday, July 30th, 1920. Suzanne Peignot was 44 and Charles Peignot was 22 years old. After 12 years, 5 months, they break up in 1933.

Georges Peignot

Georges Peignot

Peignot married with Georges Peignot on Saturday, October 17th, 1896. Suzanne Peignot was 20 and Georges Peignot was 24 years old. Married for 127 years, 7 months.


She had seven children, Charles (86) , Madeleine (125) , Geneviève (93) , Colette (35, French writer) , Rémy (61) , Sophie (81) and Jérôme (97, French writer) . When her first child, Charles Peignot, was born, Suzanne Peignot was 21 years old.

What was Suzanne's zodiac sign?

Suzanne Peignot zodiac sign was aquarius.

Other facts about Suzanne Peignot


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