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Otis King, 67 British inventor
Frank Whitehouse, 144 Footballer
Daniel Hurst, 84 English footballer
Kenny McKay, 144 Scottish footballer
John Lordan, 144 American distance runner
Jack Leonard, 78 Professional footballer
George Kitchen, 144 English footballer
Frank Bates, 144 Major League Baseball pitcher
Harry Dunlop, 54 American baseball player and caoch
Ned Bennett, 86 Australian rules footballer
Una Hunt, 124 American writer
Lou Barker, 86 Australian rules footballer
P. C. John, 144 Indian missionary
Charles M. French, 96 American athlete
Muhammad Ali Jinnah, 71 Founder of Pakistan
Julio Gonzalez, 65 YouTube Star
Kate Rockwell, 81 Stage Actress
Jack London, 40 American writer of fiction and non-fiction; journalist
Konrad Adenauer, 91 Chancellor of Germany
Elsa Einstein, 60 Wife of Albert Einstein
Willis Carrier, 73 American inventor
Charles Hamilton, 85 Rapper
Julian Stern, 83 Family Member
John Henry Turpin, 85 American sailor
Charlie Doherty, 85 Reality Star
Bess Houdini, 67 American magician
Luis Lloréns Torres, 68 Puerto Rican politician and writer
Mordecai Brown, 71 Major League Baseball player
GM Trevelyan, 86 Historian
Nellie Tayloe Ross, 101 American politician
James Earle Fraser, 76 Sculptor
Charles F. Kettering, 82 Entrepreneur
Pope Pius XII, 82 Pope of the Roman Catholic Church from 1939 to 1958
Constantin Brancusi, 81 Sculptor
Nigel Gresley, 64 Engineer
Austin Peay, 51 American politician
Yekaterina Geltzer, 86 Russian ballet dancer
Victor Moore, 86 Film actor stage actot
Saya San, 55 Burmese Buddhist monk executed for leading a revolt
Theodore Hardeen, 69 American magician
Sherwood Anderson, 64 Novelist short story writer
Jean Webster, 39 American novelist
Joseph E. Davies, 81 American diplomat
Manuel de Falla, 69 Spanish composer
Ivan Cankar, 42 Slovenian writer and activist
Ali Muhammad Khan, 144 Politician
Tom Linton, 39 Guitarist
Margaret Abbott, 78 Amateur golfer