Suwa Yorishige

He was born on January 01, 1516 (died on August 31, 1542, he was 26 years old) .


Suwa Yorishige was a Japanese samurai and head of the Suwa clan. He was defeated by Takeda Shingen and his daughter Suwa goryōnin was taken as Shingen's wife. She later gave birth to Takeda clan heir Takeda Katsuyori. read more

His Parents

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Suwa Yoritaka
Suwa Yoritaka

His father Suwa Yoritaka () and Suwa Yoritaka was 17 years old when Suwa born.

Is Suwa Yorishige still alive?

No, he died on 08/31/1542, 478 years ago. He was 26 years old when he died. Cause of death: stabbing.

What was Suwa's zodiac sign?

Suwa Yorishige zodiac sign was capricorn.


Suwa Yorishige had 1 sibling. Suwa (17 years older)


  • Nenê

    Nenê, Professional basketball player


He had two children, Suwa (25) and Chōkyū (479) . When his first child, Suwa Goryōnin, was born, Suwa Yorishige was 14 years old.

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When is Suwa Yorishige's next birthday?

Suwa Yorishige was born on the , which was a Saturday

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