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Mehmet Oz, 61 American medical doctor
Drew Pinsky, 62 Radio and television personality physician addiction medicine specialist
Charles Krauthammer, 68 Journalist
Bukola Saraki, 58 Nigerian politician
Andrew Weil, 79 American medical writer
Vicki Belo, 65 Filipino dermatologist and television personality
Graziano Delrio, 61 Italian physician and politician
John Master, 43 English physician
Zakir Naik, 55 Muslim leader
Jaime Mañalich, 65 physician politician
Khaled Hosseini, 56 Novelist
Tostão, 74 Brazilian footballer
Will Kirby, 48 American Big Brother winner
Tom Frieden, 61 American physician
Matt Iseman, 50 American comedian
Tom Coburn, 73 Medical doctor politician
Mahathir Mohamad, 96 Prime Minister of Malaysia
Rosalba Ciarlini, 68 Brazilian politician
Graeme Garden, 78 British actor and comedian
Hossam Badrawi, 68 Egyptian physician and politician
Joel Fuhrman, 67 Family Physician and Author
Michael Underwood, 155 British television presenter
Rolene Strauss, 29 Pageant Contestant
Steven M. Greer, 65 American ufologist
Mads Gilbert, 74 Norwegian anesthesiologist
John Barrasso, 69 American politician
Ruhakana Rugunda, 73 ugandan politician
James Hamblin, 38 English cricketer
Mehriban Aliyeva, 56 Wife of its Azerbaijan president Ilham Aliyev; Head of Heydar Aliyev Foundation as of May 2013
Brendan Venter, 51 South African rugby union player
Tião Viana, 60 Brazilian politician
Rodrigo Roncero, 44 Argentine rugby union player
Babatunde Osotimehin, 72 Health minister of Nigeria
Larry Brilliant, 77 American physician and businessman
Jorge Iván Ospina, 56 Colombian politician
Gary Hartstein, 66 American physician
David Naylor, 66 Canadian physician
Valérie Fourneyron, 61
Terry Wahls, 65 American physician
Jay Goldstein, 78 American physician
Marina Geli i Fàbrega, 62
John Kitzhaber, 74 American politician
Nicholas A. Christakis, 59 American physician and sociologist
Kerryn Phelps, 63 Australian doctor
Carlos Filizzola, 59 Paraguayan politician
John Halamka, 53
Ian Law, 82 Australian rules footballer and cricketer
Leana Wen, 38 AMerican physicain and writer