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Mauro Boselli, 36 Argentine footballer
Brian J. Smith, 39 American actor
Leonardo García, 48 Mexican actor
Aria Giovanni, 43 Actress and nude model
Fernando Vallejo, 78 Colombian writer
Claudio Borghi, 57 Argentine footballer and manager
Aron B, 70 Musician
Luis Figueroa, 47 Puerto Rican baseball player
Bernard Laporte, 57 French rugby union player
Charles Perez, 79 Television news reporter television personality
Jan Schneider, 74 American politician
Michael C. Thomas, 71 American Coleopterist
Dan Otte, 82 American entomologist
May Berenbaum, 68 American entomologist
Deborah M. Gordon, 65 Stanford University biologist
David A. Lane, 75 economist who developed a theory of artifact innovation.
Robert L. Smith, 90 American politician
John Morse, 63 Professional golfer
Ding Yang, 37 Figure skater
Alan Carpenter, 64 Australian politician
Paul Hanson, 1993 American musician
Feng Qi, 40 Chinese footballer
Jack Hodgins, 82 Canadian writer
Rick Brandenburg, 66 American entomologist
Sunil Joshi, 51 Indian cricketer
Victor Gomes, 38 association football referee
Charles Darwin, 73 Naturalist
Charles Wright, 74 Actor
Carl Linnaeus, 70 botanist and physician
James Fletcher, 56 TV Actor
Thomas J. Henry, 73 Lawyer
Lauren Esposito, 24 Movie Actress
Austin Hobart Clark, 73 American entomologist
EO Wilson, 92 Biologist
Béla Bartók, 64 Hungarian composer pianist and collector of Eastern European and Middle Eastern folk music
Alfred Russel Wallace, 90 English naturalist and biologist
Cláudia Diniz, 30 Blogger
Thomas Young, 55 Engineer
Harry Marcus, 95 TV Actor
Christiaan Huygens, 66 Mathematician
Erasmus Darwin, 70 English physician botanist; member of the Lunar Society
Gopal Chandra Bhattacharya, 85 Biologist
Alfred Kinsey, 62 American scientist
William Beebe, 84 ornithologist marine biologist entomologist and explorer
Ferdinand I of Bulgaria, 87 Bulgarian king
George Back, 82 Royal Navy admiral
Nataliya Kuznetsova, 30 Bodybuilder
George Hampson, 76 British entomologist