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Neil Patrick Harris, 47 Actor
Danny DeVito, 76 American actor and director
Mark Hamill, 69 Actor
Joe Mantegna, 73 Actor
Ron Perlman, 70 Actor
Michael Keaton, 69 American actor
Eugene Mirman, 46 American comedian
Hank Azaria, 56 American actor
Josh Gad, 40 American actor
Vitaa, 37 French singer
Jan Delay, 44 German singer
Gerardo Velazquez, 30 Mexican actor
Mario Castañeda, 58 Mexican voice actor
Fabrizio Frizzi, 60 TV Show Host
Harry Shearer, 77 Actor
Travis Willingham, 39 American actor
John DiMaggio, 52 American actor
Sean Pertwee, 56 British actor
Tucker Albrizzi, 21 Actor
Yuri Lowenthal, 49 American actor and writer
Dee Bradley Baker, 58 Voice actor singer and comedian
Josh Keaton, 42 Actor
Michael Winslow, 62 American actor
Freddy Rodriguez (actor), 46 American actor
Danny Mann, 69 American actor writer and musician
Patrick Bach, 52 German child actor
Casey Kasem, 82 Radio personality and voice actor
Donald Reignoux, 39 French actor
Thomas F. Wilson, 61 American actor and musician
Ryan Drummond, 48 American actor and singer
Valérie Karsenti, 52 Actor
Riki Gal, 70 Israeli singer
Gérard Hernandez, 88 Actor
Sergio Fantoni, 90 Italian actor
Jay Baruchel, 38 Canadian actor
Abe Vigoda, 94 American actor
Sumalee Montano, 49 American actor
Debbie Harry, 75 American actor and singer
Eros Pagni, 81 Actor
Sara Martins, 43 French actress
Charlie Schlatter, 54 American actor
Larry Drake, 67 Actor
Ilaria Latini, 48 Italian actor
Jamil Walker Smith, 38 American actor
David Bateson, 61 South African actor
Mario Adorf, 90 Actor
Tony Shalhoub, 67 Actor
Bill Nighy, 71 English actor and comedian