Virtual Sexuality 24 years old

If you can't find the perfect guy, make one!

Desperate to find her perfect man Justine goes to a technology fair with her nerdy classmate Chas. It's not really her thing but is eventually persuaded to try a virtual reality makeover machine and discovers that she can create her perfect man even if it is only an electronic facsimile. The power surge from a freakish accident causes a part of her psyche to be copied into her virtual perfect man.


Virtual Sexuality Cast

Name Character
Luke de Lacey He was 28, now 53 years old as Chas Lovett
Rupert Penry-Jones He was 29, now 53 years old as Jake
Laura Fraser She was 23, now 47 years old as Justine Alice Parker
Jake Curran as Nick
Preeya Kalidas She was 19, now 43 years old as Charlotte
Caroline Chikezie She was 25, now 50 years old as Gushy Assistant
Ruth Sheen She was 47, now 72 years old as Jackie Lovett
Laura Aikman She was 13, now 38 years old as Lucy Parker
Ram John Holder He was 65, now 90 years old as Declan
Kieran O'Brien He was 26, now 50 years old as Alex Thorne
Del Synnott He was 22, now 46 years old as Carter
Alison Garland She was 137, 77 years old when she died as Scary Nurse
Amanda Holden She was 28, now 53 years old as Shoe Shop Girl
Alan Westaway He was 30, now 55 years old as Geoff
Emma Pierson She was 18, now 42 years old as Fiona
Steve John Shepherd He was 26, now 51 years old as Jason, Narcissus Guy
Robert Oates as Cabbie
William Osborne as Sex Shop Assistant
Roger Frost He was 51, now 75 years old as Frank Lovett
Peter McCabe He was 53, 52 years old when he died as Spriggs

Virtual Sexuality Crew

Name Department
Rupert Gregson-Williams as Music. He was 33 (now 58) years old Sound
Nick Hurran as Director. He was 40 (now 65) years old Directing
Virtual Sexuality poster
Virtual Sexuality (24 years)

If you can't find the perfect guy, make one!

  • Release day: Friday, July 02, 1999
  • Runtime: 92 minutes