The Tattooist 6 years old

In “The Tattooist,” Rooster Teeth’s Geoff Ramsey explores the subculture of tattoos and takes a crash course from a master tattoo artist.


The Tattooist Cast

Name Character
Gavin Free He was 28, now 35 years old as Himself
Burnie Burns He was 44, now 51 years old as Himself
Barbara Dunkelman She was 27, now 34 years old as Herself
Geoff Ramsey He was 41, now 48 years old as Himself
Matt Hullum He was 42, now 49 years old as Himself
Jack Pattillo He was 35, now 42 years old as Himself
Gus Sorola He was 39, now 46 years old as Himself

The Tattooist Crew

Name Department
Burnie Burns as Executive Producer. He was 44 (now 51) years old Production
Matt Hullum as Executive Producer. He was 42 (now 49) years old Production
The Tattooist poster
The Tattooist (6 years)

  • Release day: Friday, March 24, 2017
  • Runtime: 46 minutes