The Ringer 18 years old

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The Ringer

Pressured by a greedy uncle and a pile of debt, lovable loser Steve Barker resorts to an unthinkable, contemptible, just-crazy-enough-to-work scheme. He pretends to be mentally challenged to rig the upcoming Special Olympics and bring home the gold. But when Steve's fellow competitors get wise to the con, they inspire him to rise to the greatest challenge of all: becoming a better person.


The Ringer Cast

Name Character
Johnny Knoxville He was 34, now 53 years old as Steve Barker
Katherine Heigl She was 27, now 45 years old as Lynn Sheridan
Zen Gesner He was 35, now 53 years old as David Patrick
Luis Ávalos He was 59, 67 years old when he died as Stavi
Geoffrey Arend He was 27, now 46 years old as Winston
Mike Cerrone He was 48, now 66 years old as Paulie
Terry Funk He was 61, now 79 years old as Frankie
Bill Chott He was 36, now 54 years old as Thomas
Brad Leland He was 51, now 69 years old as Mr. Henderson
Bo Kane as Matt
Jed Rees He was 35, now 54 years old as Glen
Steve Levy He was 40, now 59 years old as Steve Levy
Alcides Dias as Michael
Mohammad Ahmed He was 17, now 36 years old as Dr. Ahmed
Janna Ambort as Karen
Leonard Flowers as Jimmy
Leonard Earl Howze as Mark
Edward Barbanell He was 28, now 47 years old as Billy
Brian Cox (actor) He was 59, now 77 years old as Gary Barker

The Ringer Crew

Name Department
Nancy Foy as Casting. Production
K.C. Hodenfield as Producer. Production
Arlan Jay Vetter as Production Design. Art
John Jacobs as Producer. He was 81 (77) years old when He died Production
Lisa Jensen as Costume Design. She was 17 (now 36) years old Costume & Make-Up
Phil Shirey as Set Decoration. Art
John Frick as Art Direction. Art
Tim Shriver as Executive Producer. Production
Ricky Blitt as Author. He was 52 (now 71) years old Writing
Toni Cobb Brock as Casting. Production
Jo Edna Boldin as Casting. Production
Tim Eckel as Set Decoration. Art
Marc S. Fischer as Producer. Production
Clemens E. Franek as Producer. Production
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The Ringer (18 years)

Make it special

  • Release day: Friday, December 23, 2005
  • Runtime: 94 minutes
  • Revenue: 40442437.00