The Ewok Adventure 37 years old

You'll live the adventure... You'll love it's heroes.

The Ewok Adventure

The Towani family civilian shuttlecraft crashes on the forest moon of Endor. The four Towani's are separated. Jermitt and Catarine, the mother and father are captured by the giant Gorax, and Mace and Cindel, the son and daughter, are missing when they are captured. The next day, the Ewok Deej is looking for his two sons when they find Cindel all alone in the shuttle (Mace and Cindel were looking for the transmitter to send a distress call), when Mace appears with his emergency blaster. Eventually, the four-year old Cindel is able to convince the teenage Mace that the Ewoks are nice. Then, the Ewoks and the Towani's go on an adventure to find the elder Towanis.


The Ewok Adventure Cast

Name Character
Tony Cox He was 26, now 64 years old as Widdle
Guy Boyd He was 41, now 79 years old as Jeremitt Towani
Warwick Davis He was 14, now 52 years old as Wicket W. Warrick
Fionnula Flanagan She was 42, now 80 years old as Catarine Towani
Margarita Fernández as Kainik
Daniel Frishman He was 38, now 76 years old as Deej
Debbie Lee Carrington She was 24, 58 years old when she died as Weechee
Aubree Miller She was 5, now 43 years old as Cindel Towani
Burl Ives He was 75, 85 years old when he died as Narrator (voice)
Eric Walker He was 14, now 52 years old as Mace Towani
Kevin Thompson as Chukha-Trok

The Ewok Adventure Crew

Name Department
Thomas G. Smith as Producer. Production
Peter Bernstein as Original Music Composer. He was 33 (now 71) years old Sound
John Nutt as Editor. He was 364 (3) years old when He died Editing
Cathleen Edwards as Costume Design. Costume & Make-Up
George Lucas as Executive Producer. He was 40 (now 78) years old Production
George Lucas as Story. He was 40 (now 78) years old Writing
Joe Johnston as Production Design. He was 34 (now 72) years old Art
The Ewok Adventure poster
The Ewok Adventure (37 years)

You'll live the adventure... You'll love it's heroes.

  • Release day: Sunday, November 25, 1984
  • Runtime: 96 minutes
  • Budget: 3000000.00