The Comebacks 13 years old

Keep your eye on the ball.

The Comebacks

A comedy that spoofs the inspirational sports movies, The Comebacks tells the story of an out-of-luck coach, Lambeau Fields, who takes a rag-tag bunch of college misfits and drives them towards the football championships. In the process, this life-long loser discovers that he is a winner after all by redeeming himself, saving his relationship with his family and friends, and finding that there is indeed, no "I" in "team"!


Carl Weathers
Carl Weathers

Freddie Wiseman/Narrator

Dax Shepard
Dax Shepard


Eric Christian Olsen
Eric Christian Olsen

Foreign Exchange Student

Melora Hardin
Melora Hardin

Barb Fields

Andy Dick
Andy Dick

Toilet Bowl Referee

The Comebacks Cast

Name Character
Melora Hardin She was 40, now 54 years old as Barb Fields
Carl Weathers He was 59, now 73 years old as Freddie Wiseman/Narrator
Holmes Osborne He was 59, now 73 years old as Man in Suit
Jon Gries He was 50, now 64 years old as Barber
Matthew Lawrence He was 27, now 41 years old as Lance Truman
Nick Searcy He was 48, now 62 years old as Mr. Truman
Will Arnett He was 37, now 51 years old as Mailman
Dennis Rodman He was 46, now 60 years old as Himself
David Koechner He was 45, now 59 years old as Lambeau "Coach" Fields
Eric Christian Olsen He was 30, now 44 years old as Foreign Exchange Student
Jermaine Williams He was 24, now 38 years old as IPod
Brooke Nevin She was 24, now 38 years old as Michelle Fields
Andy Dick He was 41, now 55 years old as Toilet Bowl Referee
Dax Shepard He was 32, now 46 years old as Sheriff
Bradley Cooper He was 32, now 46 years old as Cowboy
Robert Ri'chard He was 24, now 38 years old as Aseel Tare
George Back He was 211, 82 years old when he died as Buddy Boy
Noureen DeWulf She was 23, now 37 years old as Jasminder Featherfoot
Jesse Garcia He was 25, now 39 years old as Jorge Juanson
Jackie Long He was 25, now 39 years old as Trotter
Martin Spanjers He was 20, now 34 years old as Randy Randinger
Finesse Mitchell He was 35, now 49 years old as Titans Coach
Michael Irvin He was 41, now 55 years old as Himself
Shannon Woodward She was 22, now 36 years old as Emily
Ken Medlock as Pitching Coach
Lawrence Taylor He was 48, now 62 years old as Himself
Frank Caliendo He was 33, now 47 years old as Chip Imitation
Stacy Keibler She was 28, now 42 years old as All-American Mom
Bill Buckner He was 57, 69 years old when he died as Himself

The Comebacks Crew

Name Department
Robert L. Levy as Producer. He was 106 (now 120) years old Production
Marc Fisichella as Production Design. Art
Barbara Fiorentino as Casting. She was 33 (now 47) years old Production
Rebecca Mangieri as Casting. Production
Andrew Panay as Producer. Production
Laura Greenlee as Line Producer. Production
Joey Gutierrez as Author. He was 44 (now 58) years old Writing
Jeffrey Harlacker as Producer. Production
Adam Jay Epstein as Author. He was 32 (now 46) years old Writing
Michael Schreiber as Producer. He was 345 (55) years old when He died Production
Andrew Jacobson as Author. He was 22 (now 36) years old Writing
Alan Edward Bell as Editor. Editing
Douglas Cumming as Art Direction. Art
Kevin Sabbe as Producer. Production
Salvador Pérez, Jr. as Costume Design. Costume & Make-Up
Anthony B. Richmond as Director of Photography. He was 65 (now 79) years old Camera
Ed Yeager as Author. Writing
John Aboud as Author. He was 34 (now 48) years old Writing
Tom Brady as Director. He was 30 (now 44) years old Directing
Wendy Weidman as Casting. Production
Christopher Lennertz as Original Music Composer. He was 35 (now 49) years old Sound
The Comebacks poster
The Comebacks (13 years)

Keep your eye on the ball.

  • Release day: Friday, October 19, 2007
  • Runtime: 107 minutes
  • Budget: 15000000.00